Wednesday, June 27, 2007

S1639 moribund, just like predecessor S1348?

We needed to peel off five formerly-supportive Senators. Three down so far:
Late Wednesday, two Republicans, Sens. Kit Bond of Missouri and Richard Burr of North Carolina, told FOX News that they will switch their vote and not try to prevent the filibuster. One Democrat who never votes against cloture, Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, also told FOX News that he will vote "no" this time.
Richard Burr has been a particularly surprising open borders advocate as of late who must've been so deluged with constituency outrage that he decided to throw in with the vast majority of the electorate he is supposed to represent.

Encouragingly, House GOP members gave a thundering vote of no-confidence to their colleagues in the upper House today:
Domenici added that a vote Tuesday night in the House GOP conference was very telling for him. Only 23 Republicans of 201 voted against a resolution of disapproval of the Senate measure.
Don't grow too weary yet. These are the nine Senators we need to put acute pressure on:
At least nine other senators told FOX News they are undecided or leaning toward a no vote. They include Democratic Sens. Mark Pryor, Jim Webb, Jeff Bingaman, Robert Menendez and Republican Sens. Ted Stevens, Lisa Murkowski, Pete Domenici, Judd Gregg and John Ensign.

Let each of them know that the bill is destined for the bottom of the sea and they'd be wise to jump ship now while they're still above water instead of sinking with the ship. Feel free to cut and paste the following:

Senator ,

I've been pleased with your efforts in the in opposition to amnesty and in favor of national security and the rule of law.

Please vote with the vast majority of the American public on Thursday morning to kill S. 1639, a labyrinth of legislation that will among other things offer amnesty in 24 hours to the 12-20 million illegal aliens who've disrespected the rule of law, do nothing to ensure the construction of more than 700 miles of fencing that was approved a year ago, and will increase immigration at a time when so many of our cities are feeling a suffocating strain on infrastructure, vital services, and education.



Simply click on the link embedded in each of the above Senators' names and insert that text. Call and fax them, too. We just need to convince two of them to switch to the pro-sovereignty position.


Anonymous said...

It's going down again. don't anyone stop making noise!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, I e-mailed some of those on the list, telling them that the nation commands loyalty
to the citizen over the foreigner, especially when the foreigner is increasing the level of aggression on the citizen, as S1639 would do.

JSBolton said...

It's not necessary to convince
or persuade them of anything but that they are being watched on cloture on S.1639;
its need to be rushed down backstairs
itself shows that public attention can forestall it.

savage said...

The thing has been killed. To the citizenry we may say, well done, well done indeed. The shamnesty senators, like Lindsey Shamnesty, have made their opposition to the will of those they represent crystal clear and must be marked for defeat even if it not be for another half decade that they are to be reelected. As this disaster would have devastated the nation for far more than 50 years into the future, five is a blip.