Sunday, June 17, 2007

Public support for S1348 hits a new nadir

Directly after the subterfuge was exposed, the American public came out in opposition to S1348 by a 48%-26% margin. A week later, after an open borders media blitz, the public's steadfast opposition to the amnesty remained, 48%-26%. After more time for exposure, debate, and contemplation, the public is now less convinced than ever. Almost a month after its introduction, S1348 is now down 51%-20%. Randall Parker has more.

Your voice matters. Just because you're in the majority doesn't mean you have to be silent. Keep the pressure on. It's working.

++Addition++The latest WSJ/NBC opinion poll shows President Bush's approval rating hitting a new nadir as well. He's a lame duck, a major liability for the Republican Party in '08, etc. That's with an approval rating of 29%--almost 50% greater than the support for the Senate amnesty! Why doesn't this reviled beast of a bill get the same sort of disparaging media treatment?

As Mensarefugee pointed out in comments, there's scarcely another issue so opposed by the public that the politicians are determined to force upon them nonetheless.


JSBolton said...

That support level will probably drop further, even though 20% is extremely low for a position that is so strongly favored by opinion elites.
Those who oppose amnesty are quite concerned, but those who like the idea are not likely to care much about the exact legal status of the illegal aliens.
You'd have to value citizenship to assign importance to the different degrees of legal status below citizenship.
Why should the employers of illegals want them legalized;
couldn't that make them become inconveniently uppity?
When the H1B increase was taken out, it looks as though contributors lost interest, and released their republican senators
from any expectations of their having to vote for S1348.

MensaRefugee said...

Those politicians must be s****ing in their pants. I dont think such a coherent position in the face of mass propaganda has ever happened before.

Audacious Epigone said...


Thankfully the bill's failure should be the death knell of John McCain's already near-dead Presidential campaign. How does one pull away from supporting, and trying to force upon those who oppose it, a bill for so long that is so unpopular and destructive?