Thursday, May 17, 2007

Senate to sell US future down the river

Our Senators do not represent the collective will of the US citizenry. This is amnesty:
The Senate deal would:

• Grant the nation's estimated 12 million illegal immigrants legal status with an indefinitely renewable "Z" visa, and allow many to eventually apply for citizenship. They would have to pay $5,000 in fines to get the visa, and those seeking legal permanent residence would have to return to their home country to apply.
Assuming the bill retains most of its attributes after being kicked around in the House (remind new members of the Congressional class what they said about immigration during the '06 campaigns), expect 1986 all over again, albeit on a grander scale. Migrants will rush in from Central and South America, eager to be part of the 12 (20?) million (formerly) illegal immigrant cohort eligible for the perpetual visa.

Of course, there's no reason to believe that the uptick in ICE enforcement raids will continue once the Bush Administration gets the legislation that it wants. And there will be no way to verify when an immigrant arrived into the US.

A few may fork over $5,000 to facilitate being able to bring over friends and family more easily in the future. Most will see that whatever chance there was of sustainable, serious restriction has dissipated and that the doors are wide open. Some of the employers of those who were previously illegal will help their workers with a single $5,000 transfer to the government. It's chump change, as most of these menials create a net liability in the area of $22,000 annually. And as this newly-legalized underclass becomes eligible for a greater number of welfare benefits, its employers will be able to drop wages even lower, with the net taxpayer covering the difference.

The desire of our elites for open borders doesn't even make sense economically. It's certainly not good for healthcare, reducing crime rates, creating a trusting society, technological innovation, the US' average IQ, America's educational attainment, reducing pollution, obliterating atavistic diseases, or housing affordability.

This is a disaster we have to stop. The bill is heading to the Senate floor next week. Fire messages off to and call your Senators and House Representative, letting them know that a vote for this 'compromise' (changing laws that weren't enforced in the first place is a compromise?) is simultaneously a vote against them in their next re-election campaign.


JSBolton said...

You can trust these traitors to come up with a solution that greatly worsens the problem.
Power comes from getting groups into conflict, and the worse the conflict becomes, the more power can be expected to flow to those positioned to receive it.
There's no way that any of these politicans don't know that, from increased affirmative action eligibilities alone, they will have greatly increased the level of intergroup conflict and aggression here.
They all know that putting two high-crime groups into proximity on an increasing scale, will make for increased conflict between those groups. They know that it will be worse, the needier the groups are.

JSBolton said...

These internationalistic nihilists got a bunch of messages from me,
to remind them of their responsibility to be loyal to the citizenry and the net taxpayers thereof.

Anonymous said...

The same from me