Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Doing the (atrocious) driving Americans won't do

To filch from the writers at VDare, we might say "Diversity is strength! It's also... Road Rage".

Autovantage has released another survey this year on the civility (or lack thereof) of the 25 largest cities in the US. It looked at the frequency of behaviors such as honking the horn at a perceived bad driver, cursing at other motorists, threateningly waving fists or making other obscene gestures, calling the police to report poor driving, and even slamming into other vehicles. Page 23 of the pdf lists cities by what Prince Market Research, which did the research, dubs their "Net courtesy score". Several media outlets have listed the cities by simple rank as well. From the nicest to the nastiest, each city's respective courtesy score, and the percentage of each city's population this is foreign-born:

RankCityCourtesy% foreign-born
4.St. Louis+225.6
9.San Diego+725.7
16.San Francisco-236.8
22.Los Angeles-3040.9
24.New York-3235.9


Notice a pattern? It doesn't require an inordinate amount of perspicacity to do so--awful driving and the percentage of non-native drivers correlate at a statistically significant .69. That relationship, considered rigorous by most any social science metric, is even more remarkable given a 'sample' size of only 25, which suggests that a more geographically expansive survey would reveal an even tighter correlation, and that a city's foreign-born population is pulled from the 2000 Census. The coastal cities that fared poorly are becoming more exotic, while less vibrant places like St. Louis and Pittsburgh are locations where sanity is still generally a prerequisite to driving an automobile.

The open-borders crowd often claims most migrants are in the US humbly doing everything in their power to live out the American Dream, not least of which is an attempt to act as model citizens grateful just for the opportunity to set foot in this great nation.

Of course, the rate at which they receive government entitlements suggests otherwise, and those expectations of entitlement are apparently taken to the road with vigor!

The next time a dinged up old Escort with a muffler scraping the street and a Mexican flag sticker on the bumper merges only feet in front of you from an on-ramp at the break-neck speed of 30 miles per hour, or the irritating hum of a rice-burning Civic weaves in and out of an area of congested traffic, perpetuating the the congestion, thank the Congressional critters that are so eager to enrich us by replacing you with them.

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JSBolton said...

Instead I will thank you for your contribution to knowledge; but shouldn't you give a correlation percentage, and say whether its high or low in the scheme of things?
As for the congress, today I sent them, among other communications, 6 postcards decrying attempted legalizations of the illegals.
These went not only to my own, but to other people's representatives.
If the churchman Mahony in LA, can hand out 100's 0f 1,000's of postcards to illegals, as he did last year, I can send some too.
Don't forget, we are literate, and the other side of this issue, quite often is not.