Saturday, May 26, 2007

Angry Video Game (Nintendo) Nerd

For readers roughly between the ages of 19-30 for whom the eight-bit holds a significant place in their hearts, I link to the pseudononymous Angry Video Game Nerd. If you weren't raised on the NES, however, you won't get much from watching him.

He tackles several awful games and gets them right across the board--including his praise for DuckTales, which, despite sounding as though it'd be a monstrosity, was actually a blast--but he knocks the -quels out of the park. The high expectations created by the first in a series coupled with the slimmer budgets and shoddier construction of those that follow (which are generally pushed out as a way of milking a moribund cash cow) tees the Nerd up beautifully.
The Double Dragon III and Castlevania II reviews are my personal favorites, if you want a quick flavor of this wacky guy's creations. The wit and wackiness aside, I could've written the narrations for these two myself (minus the four-letter vulgarity that could be done without). The two-part series on the monumental disappoinment that is TMNT III (the movie) is entertaining as well.


agnostic said...

Thank you! I found this guy's videos in December and really wanted to write a post on them, but my blog is nerdy enough as it is. He's too harsh on Castlevania 2 -- that game rocks. The TMNT game is incredibly awful, though. I wish he'd do more popular but still frustrating games, since I haven't played hardly any of the ones he reviews.

Like Kid Kool... ugh!

Audacious Epigone said...


He'll have to go there to grow his audience. And for any tenured Nintendo player, the material is both more abundant and easily accessible in the memory.

Thinking off the top of my head about frustrating aspects of generally solid games:

Zelda II: Stepping into the graveyard to face the invisible flying eyeballs. It's like being a French soldier at Waterloo.

Dragon Warrior IV: When you turn the game on, expecting the infamous theme song, only to be ambushed by the 'curse' sound (what you hear whenever you equip a cursed item). What does that haunting sound mean? Your save files have been erased. Puts having to start all over after falling into the water on Castlevania II to shame!

Blaster Master: There's a common glitch that gets you stuck in the wall, and the levels aren't timed, so you have to reset the game if it happens.

Super Mario Brothers original: Small in 8-1? Good luck! Also, invisible plants from the underwater pipes.

Mario 2: Why is Nintendo's marquee character this game's worst? He's horrible, with no qualities that make him better in any way than any of the other three characters.

It'd also be neat if he decided to spotlight obscure titles that rocked. He'd have a tough time in that viewers would expect some sort of explanation for the obscurity, but it's difficult to trace back to video game marketing mistakes made in the late eighties and early nineties.

Still, a few come to my mind:

World Cup: One of my all-time favorites, and the game I'm most likely to pick up when I feel like getting the NES out. The game suffered a one-two punch. First, it's a soccer game. How many American kids wanted a soccer game in 1991, and more importantly, how many parents thought to buy a soccer game for their kids? Secondly, it's six-on-six. Why would soccer players want to buy a bastardized virtual representation of their sport?

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Mark Twain isn't that popular among 12 year-olds. Most weren't even allowed to read him.

Adventures in Magic Kingdom: Not sure, other than that the game was way too difficult for younger kids.

I played Castlevania II and didn't think it was as bad as he made it out to be, although I agree with every criticism (I'd temper it with some positive comments about the fighting gameplay). But Zelda II had everything it did and more.

A Guest said...

The video is pretty hilarious, even though I'd never played Castlevania, 2 or any other. I agree, the cursing doesn't really improve the humor, but his audience may disagree. He's best when he's ridiculing/complaining about the game flaws. The video of him as a pint-sized angry nerd, elsewhere, is priceless.

MensaRefugee said...

I played some Japanese Import called Mario 8 on the NES. Best graphics on the NES Ive ever seen! He couldnt kill goombas etc by jumping on em, but he had a hammer instead.

Hilarious post btw.