Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Don't stare at or feed the Muslims, kids

This has to be a joke, right? I thought, with so much of the print media on the auction block, perhaps The Onion had decided to follow in the footsteps of Google and go outside the electronic world to buy up The Times Online. That imagined scenario would actually be more salubrious than what is actually taking place:
PUPILS and teachers have been told by an official body not to stare at Muslims for fear of causing offence.

A document intended to educate against religious intolerance and sectarianism urges teachers to “make pupils aware of the various forms of Islamophobia, ie stares, verbal abuse, physical abuse”.

But Learning Teaching Scotland (LTS), which issued the advice to schools north of the border, has been criticised by politicians and Muslim leaders for going “over the top”.

The document states: “Some Muslims may choose to wear clothing or display their faith in a way that makes them visible. For example, women may be wearing a headscarf, and men might be wearing a skullcap. Staring or looking is a form of discrimination as it makes the other person feel uncomfortable, or as though they are not normal.”

The vast majority of people who dress uniquely in public do so as a means of self-expression. They want to be looked at. Lots of people want to look at them. "People watching" isn't an uncommon way to spend time on a night out in metropolitan centers. The right to look around you, is (I believe I can assert without coming across as a libertarian ideologue) a natural one that cannot be infringed upon in any civilized society.

In what other circumstances have you been told not to stare at other forms of life around you? Probably at the zoo or when out conversing with nature. Staring at predatory cats you've come upon, like mountain lions, is a good idea. With aggressive canines, it's a bad idea. If you stop and stare at a red-tailed hawk, he won't stick around for long. If you've come upon a great blue, on the other hand, stopping and staring is your best bet.

Never thought these rules were applicable to other humans. But... I'd better stop myself.

These are the fruits of the new multicultural West that we relentlessly hear so many paeans for. It is this propitious diversity that forces you to get to the airport an hour before your plane takes off, to fear what you draw, say, write, or even think, to reconsider before shooting a second glance at the girl across the street. As populations of European descent are bred out of existence, so too are the values they hold so dearly.


savage said...

The leftist Scots that promulgated this rubbish are power mad. How is it that they have the audacity to dictate who can look at who, in what way, and for how long? It is generally assumed that fascism emanates from the extreme right; however, the threat clearly rests in the extreme left, of which these educrats surely belong.

Anonymous said...

This prohibition on staring (and other things) is straight out of the Middle Ages when subject populations under muslims (dhimmis) had to show respect to their islamic masters. Muslims seem to be offended by everything that isn't, well, muslim. So much for a religion of tolerance.
And muslims are offended by dogs as well. They consider canines unclean(that just shows you how fucked up islam is. How could dogs be unclean?). I have it on good authority that the military curatiled the use of dogs in Iraq to look for bombs, weapons, etc...I wonder how many soldiers have been killed to protect islamic sensibilities. Of course, it won't be long before this type of tolerance and understanding comes to America. But wait, it is already here:

The left thinks that they are getting some sort of ally to fuck over white people, Christianity, capitalism, society, etc..., and they are, for now. Of course, when that alliance is no longer necessary, leftists, feminists and their ilk will be pleading (unsuccessfully) for their tenured lives as their soft throats are cut. That story posted here about the BBC reporter is a taste of things to come(and I have no symoathy for him at all). As Americans, I suggest that we stare at muslims every fucking chance we get, buy guns and get a big, preferably very friendly, snorty, slobbery dog. Labs and Golden retrievers will work well. So will Rottweilers. Things will begin to get very uncomfortable in this country in the future. I suggest we prepare.

Audacious Epigone said...


The fascistic trend has been from the collegiate left more than anywhere else recently. Where the free expression of ideas should be most tolerated, they are reacted against with the utmost hostility.


Unbelievably, British journalists are urging a boycott against Israel for Johnston's death. He was the Palestinian's ally, and the BBC made no effort to hide their overt bias when pleading for his release. It failed.

When you dine with the devil, you'd better bring a long spoon.

al fin said...

I cannot help but agree with most of the points made by the three commenters above.

Given the leftist ascendancy in the academy and the media, not to mention most western governments, our new Islamist overlords have very few enemies with voice and power to oppose them.