Saturday, February 03, 2007

US, Israel, and American Jews

Professor Kevin MacDonald has a new VDare column equating the omertas limiting open discussions in the US of American support for Israel and of US immigration reform:
The classic case: US policy in the Middle East. Despite the obvious fact that US support for Israel has crucial implications for war and peace, the vast majority
of Americans are oblivious to what is really going on in this region.
He defends Jimmy Carter's partisan advocacy on behalf of the Palestinians for the "abominal oppression and persecution" they suffer, while conspicuously failing to address the frequently-mentioned but important excerpt from Carter's latest book where the former President writes, "It is imperative that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Roadmap for Peace are accepted by Israel." MacDonald then censures the American public for its ignorance of how Palestinians are denied universal human rights in the 'occupied' territories.

MacDonald is infinitely more erudite than I am, and I do not at all disagree with his concern that the neocon's are beating the war drums for what would be a disastrous and unnecessary campaign against a feeble Iran, or that pro-Israeli war hawks have in the past and are still today clamoring for the US to carry Israel's water.

But I wonder if MacDonald is willfilly ignoring pertinent facts about the Palestinians. He does not acknowledge that, with average Arab IQs somewhere in the mid- to upper-eighties (not to mention widespread consanguinety, tribalism, and Islam), a functioning non-authoritarian Arab society is highly unlikely. Nor does he take issue with the use of the word 'apartheid', when it was the crusade against this ecumenically condemned 'evil' that put southern Africa on a path of continual regression, one that it remains on still today. Just as breaking the political power of the high IQ minority turned Rhodesia into a disaster (and South Africa continues to slide in the same direction), so will the Jewish state according a fecund Palestinian population 'equal rights' (including travel) in Israel and the occupied territories lead to that diamond being ground indistinguishably into the surrounding rough.

Indeed, the arguments made by those in opposition to Israeli separation from her Arab neighbors are strikingly similar to those made on behalf of continued unfettered underclass immigration into the US from Latin America. Those favoring sovereignty in both the US and in Israel are smeared as 'oppressing' and 'persecuting' poor brown 'economic refugees', etc. Nevermind that the monetary standard of living is four times greater in the US than in Mexico, and seventeen times greater in Israel than in the West Bank. Nevermind that there is about an eight point average IQ gap between both the US and Israel and their respective inundating neighbors. We can go on and on about the stark differences between both Occidental countries and their relatively destitute, backwards neighbors. That my viewpoint is overly callous is certainly a point of legitimate debate, but shouldn't MacDonald at least mention it?

Instead of driving a wedge between the US and Israel, I'd like to see nationalistic Americans expend their energy trying to convince stateside Jews how current immigration trends bode so poorly for them. We should soberly point to the hostility Hispanic Americans feel toward Jews. The ADL illustrates the olla podrida that is elite Jewish opinion:
One of the most important findings of ADL's 2002 Survey of Anti-Semitism in America concerns Hispanic Americans, one of the most significant and fastest growing segments of the American population, in which the poll found an extraordinary gap between those born in the United States and those born abroad. The survey revealed that while 44% of foreign-born Hispanics hold hardcore anti-Semitic beliefs, 20% of Hispanic Americans born in the U.S. fall into the same category.
Yet the league actually blames immigration restrictionists for the immigrants' noxious attitudes:
According to the ADL report, “extremist groups are seeking to exploit the flow of foreign workers into this country to spread a message of xenophobia, to promote hateful stereotypes and to incite bigotry and violence against Hispanics, regardless of their status as citizens.”
Nevermind that parsing the numbers shows that whites (who form the bulk of the 'nativistic' movement) are the least "hard-core anti-Semitic" (the ADL's words), with 12% being labeled as such. Over one-third of both blacks and Hispanics, in contrast, are considered stridently anti-Jewish. It is college-educated, wealthy whites who are the least likely to hold views 'hostile' toward Jews, and who are most likely to support Israel. Why should Jews damage the US standard-of-living, economic competitiveness, and cognitive prowess to empower groups hostile to them?

We might also point out the effectiveness of the Israeli security fence, which is almost universally praised by pro-Israeli Americans, including neocon outfits like the WSJ op/ed board. Why has it been able to keep militant unwanteds out there, but is condemned to certain failure stateside?

My sentiments are with Israel. The nation is an outpost of civilization in a vast, desolate and backwards Islamic world. It is home to flourishing scientific and medical research, financial activity, and economic insight. But there is little justification for the US to go to bat militarily for Israel. When trying to do battle in the Middle East (at least partially) on Israel's behalf, we've ended up embarrasing ourselves and strengthening the hand of the Jewish nation's primary antagonist. Far better for our Israeli pals for us to pour some portion of the remaining $1.7 trillion to be squandered in Iraq into alternative energy research. A world where oil has been obsolesced is a world in which the US can unequivocally stand behind Israel.


Anonymous said...

nitpicking one sentence is a long book. Typical. Please, just give those Palis their land so the rest of us can live in Peace...oh yeah...stop putting a leash on our politicians too while you are at it.

JSBolton said...

Is opposition to immigration restriction here, really contrary to the Jewish national interest?
Regardless of what may have been the conclusions 20 or more years ago; in recent years we have seen Israel lobbying to restrict and divert Jewish immigration back towards Israel.
Publishing of immigration restrictionists here has grown geometrically since Gov. Lamm's book in the mid-80's. Before that, not one such title had been brought out by US publishers in over 50 years. Several a year now come from mainstream publishers; not just little-known ones.
The Jewish custom of hating immigration restrictionism is a holdover from days of very different practices, such as white preference in immigration; prefernces so high that Jews could become incensed that they did not get 100 times their global pro rata share of immigration visas, and it is from pre-Israel days.
McDonald says that Jews have a national interest in splintering the hegemony of the majority in one of their diaspora countries.
Actually though, it would appear that Jewish national interests would be best served by America having a monolithic, conservative elite, with as little diasporic left-oriented components as possible. Keeping the democrats on the same page with Israel is going to be harder every year now; with the minority elements being the obviously least subject to influence, name-calling, slippery-slope equivocated verbal roach motels, etc.

al fin said...

Israel is the canary in the coal mine for the west. Actually, so was Lebanon before it went dark. Before long, demography dictates that huge portions of Europe will start to look like Beirut and the Gaza Strip. Resistance is futile.

Personally, I would not have placed a Jewish state in the middle of primitive bloodthirsty savages, but it's too late to undo that decision.

JSBolton said...

Resistance is futile said also Lord Haw Haw; but nature is not on the side of those who breed at high rates expecting mass altruism to inhere specifically as competence exists in a population.

Anonymous said...

You don't understand KMD's hostility towards Jews because you haven't read "Culture of Critique". What he describes are intellectually movements designed to advance Jewish interests often at the expense of Gentiles. Immigration promotion and neoconservatism are just two such movements.

The point of the essay was this: "The point here is that the Jewish Establishment will strongly resist any discussion of Jewish influence or dual loyalty in any area of public policy, no matter how judicious and factually-based it may be."

While the Palestinian people are doomed, this is not necessarily the case for the Americans. Talking about what happens to the Palestinians can help wake up Americans to our own struggle. If the Jewish Establishment knew that they would pay the price for pushing amnesty, have no doubt they would shy away. Naming Jewish political influence as a major factor in pushing for amnesty may win immigration restriction.

crush41 said...

'Naming Jewish political influence as a major factor in pushing for amnesty may win immigration restriction.'

Is it too late to win at least some of them over?

The disastrous problems the Palestinians will continue to create for Israel should serve as a wakeup call to the rest of the West, both the US and Europe. In this sense I very much agree with Al that a personified Israel is the canary in the coalmine.

John correctly states that a fractured, racially-divided US is not going to work in the favor of American Jews or Israel.

Latin America, a stronghold of anti-Jewish sentiment (Chavez, for example, hurls vitriolic language at Jews in many of his speeches), and blacks, who are increasingly turning to Islam, are going to see Jews as indistinguishable from the white oppressor majority (or possibly as the worst of the worst). And of course an economically weakened, dumbened down US is going to be compromised as Israel's most reliable ally.

crush41 said...


He should've addressed it. And he should address some of the realities about the Arab world, and specific the Palestinian people.

Anonymous said...

I had always thought that Jews of all political persuasions would be screaming for a halt to immigration. But MacDonald is corrrect in that man Jews support open immigration. I think it is a function of ideology, rather than Jewish identity, etc... I cannot imagine that nay jews would want to live next any of these new immigrants who are anti-semitic in the extreme. These "new Americans" are not tolerant, open-minded people as crush41 points out about hispanics (the same can be said of American blacks, who are in my opinion quite anti-semitic). Many of the immigrants, mostly legal, I would think, are lunatic muslims. Moving to America does not make them give up their savage ways and hatred of Jews (or anybody else who is not part of their fucked up umma.) Muslims are strong in Michigan, just wait until they begin to vote as a group. Minnesota already elected a muslim to Congress. I am sure he is a tolerant, open-minded person, oh wait, he is black and a muslim. Doubly for Jews and the rest of us. I guess for the left any criticism of 3rd worlders is off limits even if they are nasty tribesmen. The morons at the ACLU and the SPLC are more worried about skinheads, klansmen, etc... than about the true menace, muslims. If America becomes a majority brown nation with lots of wonderful, diverse people an religious beliefs, the Jews will probably be one one of the first groups to suffer. Don
t take my word for it. Muslims are always reminding us that a 2nd holocaust is on the way. And to anyone who thinks that negotiation, land exchanges, talking, "understanding", tolerance, and other such BS is going to make muslims happy, you are wrong. These people do not want to live in peace, it is not the nature of islam. one last thing. Carter is a complete asshole who is directly responsioble for all the terror we are experiencing now and since 1979. He is an appeaser who hates America. If he had crushed the Iranians in 1979 over the hostage crisis, we would never have the nonsense that we have going on know. These people need to fear us or we will never know a moments rest.

crush41 said...

The only way a push for open borders in the US strikes me as potentially beneficial to Israeli hardliners is pretty exotic--that is, a declining standard-of-living in the US pushing industrious Jews back across the Atlantic and to Israel.

In considering it, even as Israel reels over its war with Hezbollah, instability in Iraq, and growing Iranian influence in the Middle East, scores of European Jews want to move to Israel to avoid anti-Semitism:

Ha'aretz reports today on a survey that finds "60,000 French Jews want to move to Israel." Arik Cohen of Bar-Ilan University reached this conclusion by giving questionnaires to the 125,000 French Jewish tourists who visited Israel in the summer of 2004. Of this huge sample, 52 percent said they see their future in Israel. Half of those aged 15-18 said they had personally experienced instances of anti-Semitism in the past four years. A third of the youth said they are considering immigration to Israel in the near future.

daveg said...

I wish people would stop speculating on whether immigration is good for Jews, and look at what the leading Jews and Jewish organizations are advocating as far as US immigration.

For the most part they are very pro immigration.

crush41 said...


Unfortunately, the leaders of just about every characterizable group are for open borders--religious leaders, business leaders, race hustlers, union leaders, most politicians, and so on.