Wednesday, February 28, 2007

IQ and illegitimacy

Estimated average state IQ and illegitimacy correlate inversely at a powerful .82. The relationship is likely even more rigorous than that, but the most recent complete and reliable numbers on out-of-wedlock birth rates I've been able to find come from 1998. This further illustrates how right VCU's Professor McDaniels is in suggesting that states (and by extension, the US) would be well served by focusing on strategies to raise the IQ of their populations.

The animus I have for the position held by many affluent leftists and libertarians that all alternative lifestyles are equally desirable stems from the fact that non-traditional lifestyles tend to disproportionately hurt those at the bottom of society. The hostility cosmopolitans with high IQs have for burgher morality is of little direct consequence to those at the top of society. They have the financial and cognitive wherewithal to live lifestyles that the middle class largerly (or used to) shuns. But as natural endowment declines, the ability to live non-traditional lifestyles without sinking into a morass of poverty and destitution declines as well. And without social stigmitization, the propensity for them to do so increases.

Angelina Jolie and Bridget Moynahan may be able to adequately provide for and raise children out of wedlock, and a didactic judgment on their behavior might seem overbearing. But the divas are exceptional. For the vast majority of children whose parents go separate ways, life is a lot rougher than it would otherwise be, with higher rates of poverty, lower levels of parental involvmenet, less discipline and less protection. Portraying Fantasia Barrino as courageous by way of her single parenthood is emblamatic of a larger societal trend in America to proclaim that things are getting better when they're actually getting worse.

When it comes to upholding omertas on IQ, the same type of argument applies. Scarcely anything would do more to raise the lot of those at the bottom of society than to increase the national IQ. Virtually every social pathology is related to low intelligence. The process of upping the US average IQ--encouraging the wealthy to have more children and discouraging those in poverty from having as many--will alleviate the wealth gap. Decreasing underclass immigration will raise the living standards of natives at the bottom. Through moral posturing and consolidating a stable social position at the top, these same high IQ cosmopolitans hurt those at the bottom the most in vitriolically denouncing any attempt at soberly analyzing the interplay between IQ and other phenomena.


kurt9 said...

I guess what you are saying is that people should not have kids who don't happen to be in stable marriages. I think most people (except for the far liberal-left) would agree with this. I certainly do.

expat said...

I guess what you are saying is that people should not have kids who don't happen to be in stable marriages. I think most people (except for the far liberal-left) would agree with this. I certainly do

And who the hell are you? I never hear this kind of sentiment expressed by left or liberal leaders or spokespersons.Or many(any?) neocons for that matter. I get the impression that the MSM (and the ruling elites in general) thinks this is a fringe Christian Right position.

crush41 said...


Right. And I tried to tie it into one of my recurring themes--a more intelligent population is the best way for the left to realize its putative goals (wealth equality, poverty reduction, greater educational attainment, etc).

Expat has a point. The neocons are completely aloof when it comes to social problems at home. Their panacea is essentially not to do anything, and let the market take care of it. I fear that sort of attitude will lead to a market solution we're not too happy with--the sort of solution we see in Judge's Idiocracy.

kurt9 said...


Most normal people, even those who call themselves liberal, consider the notion that raising kids in stable family environments is better for the kids to be basic common sense. My sister is married to a husband who is quite liberal and comes from a family of very strong democrats. Yet, he and my sister recognize the necessity for having a stable environment for their daughter (my niece).

Trust me when I say this is not a fringe christian right position.

The problem comes from the politicing involved in democratic party politics and the need to cater to the worse elements of the various factions that make up the supporters of the democratic party, itself (the far-left feminists, etc.), whose influence far outweight their actually numbers. This is the nature of factional politics, which is not going away anytime soon.

The neo-cons are just as bad. They believe that their neo-jacobin ideology and strategy will successfully convert the world to Americanism and we will all live happily ever after.

Yes, Idiocracy is quite entertaining.

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