Sunday, February 04, 2007

Best in the world?

For some inexplicable reason, some twenty people came over this evening to watch the local junior high football championship. Oh, that was the Superbowl? Those were the two best teams in the NFL? I can't think of a sloppier exhibition in my prolific history of squandering Sundays in front of the idiot box, eyes fixated upon our contemporary gladiators.

And the obsession with the first two black coaches to ever make it to the big game was silly. Why in a league that is 65% black, played in a country that is only 12% black (rendering blacks about ten times more likely to be on an NFL squad than whites), do concerns of racial inequality inevitably focus on discrimination against blacks? It would've been more interesting to hear about Dungy's admirable activities off the field, his moralistic and highly ethical disposition, and so forth.

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