Monday, January 15, 2007

Probability bucked, but at least (for my ego) NFC holds

Well, the expected would've trumped the unexpected if Marlon McCree had prudently swatted Brady's pass into the ground on fourth down with only six minutes remaining, instead of picking it off (even if he hadn't sloppily turned it back over to the Pats it still would've cost San Diego field position). Instead, the two-turnover play led to a New England touchdown and victory.

I should've added an asterisk to the post on the top-two seeded post-season NFL dominance for this particular playoff season--Marty Schottenheimer chokes in the playoffs. Always. You can be as confident of that 'theory' as you are of evolution or gravity! He's taken his team to the playoffs thirteen times, but has never won a divisional championship.

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