Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Insecure CIA?

Whenever I go to access the data-lush CIA factbook, Microsoft sends me a warning page alerting that navigation has been blocked, and warning "there is a problem with this site's security certificate". It's the only site I visit on a regular basis that runs me into the problem. Of all the places on the internet that might have security problems...


Fat Knowledge said...

I agree, that is ironic.

The issue is that they use https (secure version of http) and the certificate they use is For some reason, Google has links to (no www. in front). When you click on the link you get the error message because the cert doesn't exactly match the domain name. If you always go to you won't see the error anymore.

What the CIA should do is shutdown the site or redirect it to (not sure if that is possible with https). I am not quite sure why the site is secure to begin with.

crush41 said...

"I am not quite sure why the site is secure to begin with."

Nor am I. And I hope this ignorance dispels the rumor that I'm an undercover agent!