Friday, December 22, 2006

Lynn and Vanhanen IQ data

Is anyone aware of an online location of national IQ estimates in Lynn and Vanhanen's IQ and Global Inequality? I'd like to estimate future global IQ using their most recent data.


JSBolton said...
this is the datatset from the previous book, but you mean the new one?

JSBolton said...

The new book has three new countries: Andorra, Bosnia, and Timor
It has 4 new territories:
Bermuda (90), Cook Is.(89), New Caledonia(85), and No. Mariana Is.
I haven't checked for other numbers being different, than what is in parentheses.

crush41 said...

Yeah, I've used the old data several times, but the new stuff doesn't seem to be posted online anywhere yet. It's not on Swivel, either, although that would be a useful place for it.

Thanks for the data from the new countries.

JSBolton said...
this site has done what you may be trying to do

JSBolton said...

From the methodology of the above site which makes a movie of global IQ 1950-2050, and includes discussion and references:
"The mean IQ of 185 countries, measured and estimated in Lynn and Vanhanen[1], were taken as the invariant IQ of each country over the 1950-2050 time period. (The figures are given in terms of countries existing as of the year 2000."

Steve Sailer said...

I was planning to update my table. Don't know when I'll get to it, though.

crush41 said...


Thanks for saving me from redundancy! Didn't realize someone had already done it.