Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blacks in Congress narrowly vote against dead policeman

Largely symbolic, but also largely illustrative of multiculturalism hard at work.

Going 368-31, the House overwhelmingly voted to condemn the French city of St. Denis for horoning convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal with the eponymous naming of a street there.

Abu-Jamal shot Officer Danny Faulkner after the officer became involved in an altercation with Abu-Jamal's brother, and the ensuing gunfire exchange left Faulkner dead. The only legitimate question is whether Abu-Jamal should've been convicted with first- or second-degree murder (he was convicted with first-degree murder and handed a death sentence which has since been successfully overturned but the case faces continuing appeals from both sides).

Thirty-one House members voted against it. Seventeen--over half--are black, even though the 109th Congress only has 43 black members, two of whom are non-voting delegates (Christensen of the Virgin Islands and Norton of DC) and Senator Barack Obama. Seven black House members didn't vote. Only 16 voted with the majority.

So of those chirping yea or nay, over 96% of non-black House members voted in condemnation of the city; 48% of blacks did. Conversely, 52% of blacks opposed even symbolically censuring the city. Staggering.

But Abu-Jamal is a negro, a Muslim, and a former member of the Black Panthers. Oh, and he's a cold-blooded murderer. It's hard to be any more antithetical to the ideals of the white American middle class than that. Irrespective of his egregious conduct, black representatives have split their collective support between Abu-Jamal and Faulkner's widow, who'd only been married to her husband a year yet has refused to remarry, indefatigably fighting Abu-Jamal's continual appeals and suffering the torment of her husband's killer being lionized by celebrities like Mike Farrell and Tim Robbins. She is white, afterall.

Haven't we been fighting for an individualistic, colorblind society since decades before I was born? Well, I don't want to wake up lost in the dreams of our fathers if this is the realization of those dreams.

Functional individualism, and the democracy that it is able to breed, relies upon relative equality--and parity--among members of the society cradling it (and a level of intelligence sufficient to sustain it). Yet virtually nothing is more powerfully related to inequality than racial and ethnic diversity, be it in measurements of IQ, wealth, or criminality. Our immigration policies and birthing trends make us more vibrant each day.

Spanish, English, and Portuguese Europeans brought blacks to the New World in bondage, and their problems are inescapably our problems as well. But as OJ, Durham, Tookie, and Abu-Jamal show, social cohesion has remained elusive after more than four centuries. We don't need to voluntarily be dumping more fuel onto the fire by recently posted on how his Kiwis will be a minority on the islands by mid-century. Funny, stateside so will we. A commenter from the UK portends similar clouds in his kingdom's future. While viscious imams call for the destruction of everything Western from London, criminal charges are brought against a native Briton who sounds the tocsin, warning of Islamic trouble.

The West is dying. In 1960, people of European ancestry represented one-fourth of the world's population. At the turn of the century, that had fallen to one-sixth. By 2050, Westerners will comprise only one-tenth of the globe's people. Europeans have never faced an existential crisis this grave. Everywhere save the US and Israel, we aren't reproducing fast enough to maintain a stable population into the future. Much of the non-Occidental world is, and then some.

Keep the pressure up on the immigration front. Don't let the political elites depress your neighbor's wages and inhibit yankee innovation. Stay healthy, sharp, and fecund as you can.


Anonymous said...

Mumia is scum who should have been fried years ago. White leftists and liberals like to show how progressive they are by continuing to support him. Too bad they are screwing the white middle class cops who work every day to keep their home and personal selves from being violated by these savages who roll through the American landscape looking for prey. Hey, Faulkner was just some low class white cop, right? he had it coming, he wasn't tolerant enough. I would pay a significant sum of money to see Mike Farrell or Tim Robbins robbed and beaten on the street by a black mugger.

And by the way, most blacks are virulent racists. You should hear what I hear at work. Believe it. Whites will just go to work and hand over the money in the form of welfare (really protection money), Affirmative Action, etc...The blacks in Congress will see to that (and so will their white liberal and leftist pals).

I have got a bad feeling about how things are going to turn out regarding race realtions in this country. You had better keep the shells in the kitchen cabinet. As much as I hate to say it, your skin is your uniform.

JSBolton said...

When the goal is to get conflict going so as to increase power, race gets chosen over class war.
With natural uniforms, options are constrained. Class or ideological or religious affiliations can be changed, but not the racial uniforms.
The racial percentages of world population are actually more stable over time than the anomalous last 50 years. Charity towards maximum genetic distance is an unstable and unsustainable feature which will certainly not last long.
McEvedy and Jones' Atlas of World Pop. Hist. estimates that there are 200 million Europeans in Latin America, plus elsewhere, equals upwards of 1.2 billion, or ~20%.
from 10,000 BC-500 AD ~8-20%
from 500-1400 ~16-22%
1400-1900 ~17-27%
the high percentages in the 20th century represent a lag in medical and public health technology in reaching some very backward tropical regions, places which have become possibly even more dependent on aid and inventions elsewhere to maintain their numbers or relative share... are we really going to spend hundreds of billions per year just so Africans can double their numbers every generation-my guess is that before many years have gone by, it will require expenditures of that magnitude, to maintain such populations

Anonymous said...

Resentment psychology is prominent in the black community and growing in the hispanic. It's great to place responsibility for your own problems on another group of people. They even teach resentment to blacks, women, hispanics, and other "oppressed minorities" at exclusive universities like Harvard and Stanford. The federal government promotes race resentment through its preferential treatment mandates. A whole month of the year is devoted to magnifying racism against blacks and stoking resentment.

If you ain't buying into that crap you're a racist.

crush41 said...


Why I wouldn't wish savagery on anyone, it would be interesting to see how such an attack was spun. Likely no mention of the mugger's race would be made (a commonplace occurence--how many times has it been brought up that the would be Chicago shooter was a black Muslim?). Maybe Robbins would blame himself. Of course, he'd never be in such a situation, I imagine.


Is that Atlas available online? I'd like to find an easily referencable source for population shifts over time.


Right. The second generation of Hispanic children, with an XBox and Adidas shoes isn't going to obsequiously take to 12 hour days in the southern California sun for $5 an hour.

JSBolton said...

I found some online tables from it, but not the ones which I've never seen elsewhere; which estimate the relative share of mulattoes, mestizos, Europeans, Indians and blacks from 1500-2000, in the Americas section.
McEvedy and Jones' Atlas of WPH is one that I've seen quoted in scientific articles.
It is not much influenced by new left
racial malice, such as would exaggerate the Indian populations of several countries ten or even 100-fold, in order to make it look like civilization is all about mass murder, etc.

JSBolton said...

One is here; I did not check for transcription or other errors:

crush41 said...


I'm getting an error when entering that html. Is it correct?

Thanks for looking.

crush41 said...

Nevermind, I got it. Thanks!