Saturday, October 07, 2006

In brief

- A commenter asked: But would the US take Boers? with the presumption that eventually South African whites will suffer the same fate that whites in Zimbabwe are suffering today. Zimbabwe is less than 1% white, and considerably poorer than South Africa, which is almost 10% white (4 million people). That's a much larger population to plunder, and, in contrast to Zimbabwe, most whites (as well as the larger South African population) aren't employed in agriculture. But South Africa is toying around with the idea of emulating Mugabe's 'redistribution' plans. We'll agree to take in 60,000 Bhutanese refugees living in Nepal before getting a Nepalese "okay", so we might as well commit even further in advance on behalf of the Boers!

- If the private jet that collided with and brought down a Brazilian 737 had a defunct or turned-off transponder, why didn't air traffic control command the 737 to gain altitude as quickly as possible? The 737 was flying at 37,000 feet, the private jet thought to be at 36,000 (but apparently reaching 37,000 feet at the time the two crossed paths). If someone's in danger of crashing into me and not responding to warning singals, let me know so I can get as far away from him as possible.

- Whew, are wedding ceremonies long and dull. At least Idiocratization will mean a reduction in such formalistic faggishness. It'll be straight to kissing and gorging, all that hedonistic stuff of simpletons... Ah crap, there'll be a lot more divorces, which means there'll be a lot more weddings. Then again, lots of people will be too shortsighted to realize I skipped out on the wedding entirely. But there'll be a lot more people around to invite me in the first place. Of course, I won't be friends with any of them. Damn, but my moronic wife will be. I guess a wash is the best I can hope for. I'll keep keeping my eye out for a silver lining somewhere, though.

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Anonymous said...

I asked would the US take the Boers. I've seen rumors that the State Department is dead against allowing whites from Africa refugee status, but they are just rumors. Yes, the South African Blacks may be able to milk the whites for longer than I think. But white emigration AIDS, rising crime, and God knows what else (throwing resources away to "help" the rest of the continent) will increase the burden on remaining whites.

Rough guess: SA will get GDP richer as the effects of international sanctions wane, then the burdens of black rule will make it poorer, and the whites will catch the blame.

Perhaps some Western country will take the whites as a backhanded way to fulfill some sort of refugee quota. But 4 million people is a big population transfer. But they would make better Dutchmen than the Indonesians.

Wonder if the Israelis will let them settle the West Bank? The Jews get a buffer, the "African" whites maybe get a safer situation.

Anyone have reasonable calculations on African population figures over the next few decades?

Could AIDS really leave the whites in a strong position as military age Blacks die?