Friday, June 23, 2006

Average IQ by state

Average IQ by state piques the curiosity. Unfortunately, there's little reliable state-by-state data comparable to what Vanhanen and Lynn came up with (Gene Expression's Jason Malloy links to a paper, but it's broken and doesn't pop up in engine searches).

Steve Sailer recently posted Tickle's state results, remarking that they appeared reasonable. Running a few correlations and incorporating anecdotal evidence, I'm inclined to agree. The Tickle scores correlate with GSP per capita at .53, white NAEP science scores at .63, Project Talent scores at .70, and my 'education index' (state's percentage of bachelor's degree and beyond minus state's percentage of less than high school diploma or equivalent) at a very high .86 (all statistically significant).

I took the Tickle test today and the result was two points higher than my last actual IQ test and three points higher than my ACT-to-SAT-to-IQ conversion predicts. From what I've heard from others, that's not an aberration. The Tickle test seems to be a decent measure of IQ, especially given that it's online and free.

If you're aware of other attempts at IQ estimates by state, please let me know. I'd like to run correlates on them as well. I found a couple and they didn't correlate as high with any of the aforementioned measures as the Tickle scores did. Tickle might be the best out there for now, after adjusting the scores around a mean of 98 or 100.

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adog said...

I wonder if the number of people taking the test in each state depends on the state's education level. Maybe that explains why the last relationship is so strong.

I wonder if one can get the test results broken out a couple of decimals. Doing so could make the relationships even stronger or weaker since the IQ range is so narrow.

crush41 said...


But I doubt that have any effect on the average, would it? The last relationship suggests, if anything, that people across the educational spectrum take the test and having more grads helps out. But it's impossible to know.

The second point is excellent. I'll contact Tickle--it's worth a shot.

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