Monday, May 01, 2006

Shop this May Day

Alter your routine to counteract this:
Illegal immigrants and their allies gathered Monday for marches, prayers and demonstrations on a planned national day of economic protest, skipping work, school and shopping to show their importance to the country.
Normally get your weekly groceries on Wednesday? Go today instead. Been wanting to take your mountain bike in for its annual tuneup ahead of this summer's riding season? Take it in today. Fill up your tank this afternoon. Take your family out to eat. Go book shopping. Concentrate your weekly discretionary income spending into today. With less immigrants in stores and on the roads you'll be safer and there will be less traffic congestion. Show the illegals and their socialist backers that they are not needed.



Unlisted said...

I am with you. I see these pro ILLEGAL immigration protests as the equivalent of criminals demanding hospitality after they have broken into my home

crush41 said...


There's no question that what they are demanding is amnesty. They send $17 billion back in remittances to Mexico alone, they refuse to culturally assimilate or even learn English, they are net liabilities criminally, economically, educationally, in terms of pollution and disease, etc. Flooding the US with cheap labor depresses wages, makes housing unaffordable for natives, slows innovation, raises crime, ad infinitum.