Monday, May 22, 2006

John McCain vs citizens

The "Maverick" sides with foreign criminals against US citizens:

The Senate voted yesterday to allow illegal aliens to collect Social Security benefits based on past illegal employment -- even if the job was obtained through forged or stolen documents. ...

"We all know that millions of undocumented immigrants pay Social Security and Medicare taxes for years and sometimes decades while they work to contribute to our economy," said Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican.

"The Ensign amendment would undermine the work of these people by preventing lawfully present immigrant workers from claiming Social Security benefits that they earned before they were authorized to work in our community," he said. "If this amendment were enacted, the nest egg that these immigrants have worked hard for would be taken from them and their families."

Only 7.65% of wages are withheld for FICA taxes. Low-skilled migrants that fraudulently obtain SS numbers are often not going to file income tax returns. For the average full-time male Mexican resident in the US, the FICA contribution comes to $1,592 a year. Last year the average monthly Social Security check per beneficiary was $927. Profitable enterprises focus on profit, not revenue. If a product is bringing you $1,592 in revenue per unit sold, but the unit COGS is $11,124, you don't have a sustainable operation.

If the migrant does file and he has a couple of kids, the EITC will come to $4,400 (not in the form of a reduction in taxable income, but in the form of an actual tax credit). That means if the migrant's total tax rate is less than 21% (and at $21,000 a year it certainly would be), he will end up paying zilch (while his children cost nearly $20,000 for education alone). Not promising these miscreants (keeping in mind that they've violated immigration law and committed fraud) a future benefit comes nowhere near compensating the net taxpayer for the lifelong cost of low-skilled immigrant residents.

The contribution to the GDP made by these migrants is negligible (well under 1%, virtually all realized in the form of lower labor costs). They are breaking our laws and stealing benefits that should be going to natives. Traitors like John McCain are beyond complicit--they are actively plundering the American citizenry. Notice the Senator's euphemism: "The Ensign amendment would undermine the work of these people by preventing lawfully present immigrant workers from claiming Social Security benefits that they earned before they were authorized to work in our community." Translating: "I want to retroactively make all foreigners legal residents and grant them the same benefits the citizen enjoys, including those accrued prior to the realization of my open borders agenda." McCain wants to end the illegal immigrant problem by granting blanket amnesty.

Hopefully, the proposed amendment to the CIRA is one of several that will ultimately be nothing more than symbolism when a final version is voted on. It may actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise that the Ensign amendment to deny SS benefits to illegals failed because guys like Sessions and Ensign will be less likely to cave in to the final CIRA bill. But it's worth pointing out who voted to kill the amendment (and it's death was a narrow 50-49 in a simple majority vote). Republicans siding with the foreigner-first camp (click to contact):

John McCain (AZ)
Sam Brownback (KS)
Lincoln Chafee (RI)
Mike Dewine (OH)
Lindsey Graham (SC)
Chuck Hagel (NE)
Richard Lugar (IN)
Mel Martinez (FL)
Arlen Specter (PA)
Ted Stevens (AK)
George Voinovich (OH)

These guys are encouraging the Republican party to commit hara-kiri. They want an inegalitarian society with brown serfs, an elite capital-controlling fair skinned aristocracy, and a downwardly mobile native working- and middle-class. If you live in these states, voice your disgust and be sure to vote against them forever in the future.

Citizen-first Democrats:

Robert Byrd (WV)
Kent Conrad (ND)
Mark Dayton (MN)
Ben Nelson (NE)
Bill Nelson (FL)

Praise these guys.

We need a Nationalist third party to form in stark opposition to the globalist Republicrats. The future of our republic hangs in the balance--do we want to become an over-crowded third world miasma marked by high levels of crime and pollution, low social cohesion, a powerful centralized government assuming the task of holding the polyglot together by force, increasing poverty and wealth disparity, lower IQs and educational attainment, and a decreasing per capita purchasing power and standard of living? Do the issues of same-sex marriage, capital gains tax rates, or prayer in schools compare in importance to the national question? Cross party lines. Make yourself a one-issue voter, because this issue is of critical importance.



Anonymous said...

"The future of our republic hangs in the balance--do we want to become an over-crowded third world miasma marked by high levels of crime and pollution, low social cohesion, a powerful centralized government assuming the task of holding the polyglot together by force, increasing poverty and wealth disparity, lower IQs and educational attainment, and a decreasing per capita purchasing power and standard of living?"

Crush41, I respect you greatly for your tenacity mixed with such clarity of thought on this issue. But as a longtime immigration reformist myself, I've just about thrown in the towel. The forces against us are too strong. Even if this disgusting bill arising in the Senate fails (and it probably and hopefully will), it's only a matter of time before another bill comes along to expand our legal quotas to 3-4 million people a year, swamping our country with serfs and making Whites a minority.

Why? Because the brutal truth is, that's what our economy in the US has become, little more than a modern send-up of feudalism, no longer a middle-class republic. The economy now depends on those serfs the way the crooks in power (and I mean Democrats and Republicans both) have pushed things along. We are already on the brink of becoming a Brazil of the North, and there's not really anything we can do to stop the process. Don't get me wrong, we can and should stop this bill, but over the long term the pro-Third World invasion forces are just too strong with too many vested interests.

What drives me nuts in the US, as you indicate so perceptively in your last paragraph, is that right now, people like you and me-- empirical people who see the plain truth and call it, maybe lean conservative but with an allegiance to the truth above all-- really can't identify with any of the large groups in power. I detest the liberal Democrats, who are serial ethnic panderers and responsible for the worst abuses in our current mess-- not only the Third World invasion waves but also things like affirmative action, welfare, ridiculous divorce laws that brutalize accomplished people and the decades they've put into their careers and a whole laundry list of other stances to turn the US into some ridiculous Bolshevik country. The so-called "centrist Democrats" mostly give us the worst of both worlds-- in favor of open borders but also in favor of engagement in massive and bloody Middle Eastern resource wars, which obviously become necessary as our population balloons further.

OTOH, I can't identify with the conservative Republicans, either. The vast majority are either big-business conservatives who are among the biggest promoters of the Third World invasion (and I mean through *legal* immigration far more than illegal), or ultra-religious conservatives like Falwell who deny evolution and other basic principles of science, seem intent on maintaining their followers as uneducated sheep, want to start a major world war in the Middle East due to their sickeningly twisted views on Biblical Prophecy and Israel (I'm Reform Jewish, FWIW) and in general push things like an anti-gay marriage amendment and anti-flag burning amendment that I couldn't care one drab about.

In short, empirical, truth-seeking people like you and me have no horse to support in the current political arrangement, and the powers that be are so strong that I doubt we're getting one. We're too far outnumbered.

I detest John McCain with a passion. The only way that I would ever vote for him in a Presidential election, is if the Democrats are truly idiotic enough to nominate Hillary Clinton. Hillary is among the very worst of the ethnic pressure-group panderers and politically unscrupulous even beyond the normal standards. Also, she knows how much her husband benefited from throngs of millions of "legal" immigrants who were nonetheless (very much illegally) signed up to vote in a hurry in elections, and she knows that letting in millions more serfs would virtually guarantee Democratic Party rule for the next 30 years. She has to be stopped at all costs, and as bad as McCain is, not even he has envisioned a strategy this damaging.

But if the Dems nominate almost anyone else, especially someone potentially persuadable like Warner or perhaps Edwards, then I'd vote for them against McCain in a heartbeat. Here you can see the problem with more clarity.

What is this problem? It's that Hillary is very likely to get the Democratic nomination, and McCain is very likely to get the GOP nomination. So we'll have a choice between an incredibly dangerous ideologue (Hillary) and a frankly almost-nuts ex-POW who's also almost a neocon pawn (McCain). In this case of course the choice would be McCain, but this would have to be the most vomit-causing ballot I've ever had to cast. I'd basically be looking forward to 2012, when hopefully there'd be some half-sensible Democrat able to oust McCain.

All in all, I'm starting to just give up on being an American anymore, because the USA has become something I don't recognize. It's no longer the great country started by the Founding Fathers, it's mutated into a more high-tech version of Rome during its most corrupt period in the 3rd century A.D. This isn't what I signed up for.

A lot of people have been talking about emigrating, which I always thought of as a last resort but am now seriously considering. Most of Western Europe is as bad as the US-- can we say 8 million Third World invaders in Britain and 7 million in France? But as you go a bit eastward, the picture gets a lot better. I was in northern Italy a few months back, and for all the inefficiency and problems that country has, they also have a real, bona fide sense of their Italian and Western heritage and a system to preserve it-- give assistance to help Italians have more kids, and focus on inviting in Italian-ethnics from Eastern European countries to do the cheap-labor jobs, rather than inviting in millions of Arabs and Pakistanis like France and Britain. Italy's a place I'd move to.

Ditto for Germany and Austria. They've drawn the line at inviting in millions of Turks and Arabs like France, and have gone to a tough screening system to keep the Third World invaders out while bringing in millions among the 50 million or so people with Germanic ancestry to the east (historical precedents there). They're modern, more adept and advanced than the US in many ways, and despite the socialist structures they have in many places, have a decent culture of business competence and tough competitiveness. I'd also consider these places. Spain and Scandinavia are also on my list.

What this boils down to, is that in the US, my hard work is basically being exploited by the plutocrats in power to move closer to their disgusting paradise of a Brazil of the North. I'm essentially working hard and paying dearly for the privilege of facilitating the Third-World invasion and helping the most corrupt elites to stay in power. I'm sick and tired of it, and I won't support it. I'd much rather work hard in support of a true Western republic with Western values that holds on to them, despite all the babblings of the politically correct crowd. In a few years, I expect that I'll probably be calling myself an Italian or a German, and raising my kids there.

crush41 said...

Thanks for the thoughtful commentary. In a McCain/Hillary race, I'd write in Tom Tancredo. The money-machine is behind Hillary, but I'm not convinced McCain will get the nod. The talkshow circuit despises him, and his positions on immigration and the Bush foreign-policy doctrine are unpopular across the political spectrum.

Your words are despairing but realistic. I share in your frustration at suffering as a pariah in a political arena of big business/big religion on the putative right and the race-hustling, anti-bougeroise left. Still, I won't throw in the towel yet.

What we need is an eloquent, salient populist leader to hammer on the national question incessantly. Someone to unite the anti-interventionist left and right, the traditional blue-collar worker and the family-raising white middle class couple. It's conceivable that one will emerge in the '08 election cycle, especially if the Houses of Congress do not agree on a 1986 "compromise" repeat. The public's opinion of the White House and Congress sits around 30% and 22%, respectively. If ever there's been hope in the last couple of decades, this is it.

For our part, we have to indefatigably bring the issue up over and over--to our representatives, friends, and family. Give it one last hurrah. If the Senate's CIRA passes and we absorb 60 million mostly unskilled third-worlders over twenty years, your capitulation and leaving for northern Europe or the Teutonic homeland is certainly understandable.

adog said...

Use crush's letter if you want to show more than general opposition to the Senate madness. It's here.

savage said...

There's no way McKennedy will be nominated by the Republicans. If he is, I'm emigrating with the other guy.

"He cautioned against ghettoizing immigrants, which he noted has brought about disastrous results in France, and criticized elements in his own party as “nativist” before lambasting the punditry of Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs and Michael Savage for helping to “fuel the problem,” according to two of the sources."

crush41 said...

No McCain, the reason North African and Middle Eastern immigrants were rioting in France was because the French were foolish enough to let in unskilled, low IQ Muslims that were destined to sink to the bottom of a technologically and economically advanced nation and then resent their position at the bottom. Dobbs, Savage, and Limbaugh (who has, in contrast to the past, been fabulous on the immigration issue over the last couple of months) don't want to create an obvious problem. They are patriots--you are a pandering sell-out.

Anonymous said...

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