Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hispanic deluge bad news for Jews

I recently had an interesting exchange with a Jewish reader concerning his perception of America's growing hostility toward Jews. He expressed a desire to leave the US for Israel or somewhere in Europe. I do not mean to impugn the validity of his personal experience, but I remain unconvinced. To the extent that there is a nascent anti-Jewish undercurrent gaining strength in the US, immigration is fueling it:
One of the most important findings of ADL's 2002 Survey of Anti-Semitism in America concerns Hispanic Americans, one of the most significant and fastest growing segments of the American population, in which the poll found an extraordinary gap between those born in the United States and those born abroad. The survey revealed that while 44% of foreign-born Hispanics hold hardcore anti-Semitic beliefs, 20% of Hispanic Americans born in the U.S. fall into the same category.
Yet Foxman smears immigration reformists and opposes HR4437:
According to the ADL report, “extremist groups are seeking to exploit the flow of foreign workers into this country to spread a message of xenophobia, to promote hateful stereotypes and to incite bigotry and violence against Hispanics, regardless of their status as citizens.” ...

To make that point, [Foxman] said the ADL would be disseminating the report widely on Capitol Hill at a moment when Congress is wrestling with a controversial
immigration reform bill.

After accusing everyone from Tom Tancredo to Bill O'Reilly of being hate-mongering racists, Foxman expresses fear that white America's immigration truculence will be turned on American Jews in short order. White Americans are not specifically identified in the previously excerpted ADL release:

The findings in brief … Strongly anti-Semitic:
17% of Americans
35% of Hispanics [44% foreign-born Hispanics; 20% of Hispanics born in the US]
35% of African-Americans
3% of U.S. college and university students
Why no white breakdown? Extrapolating from these numbers reveals that only 12% of whites hold "hardcore antisemitic" beliefs. Digging into the actual report (p13) turns up the finding that "as a person's educational level increases, his or her tendency to hold anti-Semitic views decreases by 15%." Hispanic immigrants are far more anti-Semitic than other demographic groups--even more so than the black community, which wages a perpetual battle with Jews over who is the most oppressed and which also represents a large segment of the Islamic community in the US. Hispanics in the US are also far less likely to be college educated than whites.

Why, then, does Foxman want to increase the number and proportion of groups most hostile to Jews? He is, from a Jewish perspective, rightly concerned about Latin America's antagonistic attitude toward Jews:
It is not surprising yet very distressing that one of the fastest growing segments in America holds strongly anti-Semitic views," said Mr. Foxman. "There is no doubt that this is a reflection of what is being learned about Jews in the schools, churches and communities of Hispanic nations, which is anti-Semitism at its most basic. We need to re-focus our efforts on reaching out to these groups in addition to the larger American public."
Let me try to make sense of this by humbly modifying Steve Sailer's consternation over a similarly illogical non-sequitur. Anti-Semitic sentiment is endemic in Latin America and nearly half of all foreign-born Hispanics are virulently anti-Semitic. Therefore, American Jews should support bringing another twenty million of these folks in?

According to a recent Zogby poll, they do--or at least they are less opposed to doing so than the rest of America. While only 2% of the country believes immigration levels are currently too low, 14% of Jews hold that position. And it's not just because they're rich--among those with annual incomes exceeding $75,000, only 1% believe immigration is too scant. Even more startling, 64% of Jews favor the Senate's amnesty proposal over deportation or HR4437--that's higher than Hispanics (54%), Progressives (47%), and people with incomes over $75,000 (33%).

I wish I better understood Jewish cerebration on demographics. It strikes me as quite irrational. My Jewish friend worries that anti-Semitism in the US is on the upswing and that Europe is the better place for an Ashkenazi to be. I wonder to what extent favorable opinions of Israel proxy for favorability of Jews in general. In an EU poll conducted in 2003, 59% of Europeans listed Israel as the greatest threat to world peace and stability.

Meanwhile, support for Israel in the US--historically always having been higher than the rest of the developed world--has spiked to 68% favorable, 23% unfavorable according to a Gallup poll conducted in February of this year. Corresponding to the rise in support for Israel has been a precipitous decline in America's perception of Islam. A CBS poll last month showed 45% of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Islam (compared to just 19% favorable). Parenthetically, favorability toward Judaism runs at 47% compared to only 16% unfavorable--considerably more positive than the opinion of "fundamentalist" Christianity, which comes in at an even 31% favorable, 31% unfavorable.

Jews need to realize that much of the world detests them for a menagerie of reasons (economic and intellectual successes, religion, culture, etc) but that the US--at least a US composed of white goyim--does not. Because of a large (but shrinking) middle class, America celebrates economic success more than anywhere else in the world save maybe Hong Kong.

Purely out of self-interest, Jews should adamantly work to preserve America's traditional ethnic makeup--an America that has supported Israel at great expense to herself. An increased number of Hispanic voters will truncate America's tenacious support of Israel and increase hostility toward Jews in the US (due to both direct hostility and also to an augmenting of the wealth gap with Jews on one side and Hispanics on the other).



Anonymous said...

why stop there? let's bring in wahhabbis and nazis while we're at it. jews have no sense of self preservation.

JSBolton said...

Foxman is not utterly unrealistic though; in that immigration control requires assertion of responsibility to be loyal to fellow nationals over against the hostile foreigner here. Immigration on net public subsidy, as a matter of indifference, means also that we do not owe loyalty to fellow nationals, when they are thus attacked by foreigners here. Cohesive nations are more likely to turn against the Jews, or to follow through with strict policies against them.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that Jews don't understand is that they derive much of their power from being able to blend into the white community, which is still powerful, and lead it largely through their high IQ and ethnocentrism. If they help bring whites into the minority, their own power will fade. Will Hispanics or blacks support the neocons? Highly unlikely. At best, they will see them as a "bunch of white guys." They will want one of their own to represent themselves.

But I can't feel too sorry for them since, as a whole, they seem perfectly happy in sticking it to whites. In fact, at my own sister's wedding, a Jewish law student expressed his disapproval that my family came from Germany (around a hundred years before WW2). If whites don't become more ethnocentric to match that of other groups, they are a spent force in America.

Anonymous said...

Continuing from above, I really don't have a problem with a Jews as a people. I think they have a right to Israel along with a Palestinian state. I have a problem when they act against our interests.

crush41 said...

I cannot imagine a concerted turn against Jews in the US by whites. As the second anon commenter said, brown and black ire is not going to be directed at white gentiles and somehow give a pass to Jews that are overrepresented among the wealthy "white" ranks. The threat of anti-Semitism in America comes from a foreign underclass that is already predisposed to dislike Jews for religious and cultural reasons.

White identity is on the rise. The question is whether or not it is too latent. If we get another amnesty that brings 50 million Hispanics over the course of twenty years (3 million in '86 to 12 million or so today, 4x that by 2026), then we may have truly crossed a rubicon.

Anonymous said...

As always many Jews are so paranoid to anybody not Jewish. Have they forgotten that in Latin America, with few exceptions of course, has been free of anti-semitic progroms similar in Europe from the ancient Romans until the Nazis? True there were recent incidents in the Venezuela of Chavez, and many Latin American intellectuals, usually leftists, tend to be hostile to Israel. Yet most Hispanics, the large majority of them, harbor little open hostility toward Jews as people and individuals despite having "antisemitic" opinions. How can you explain the rare cases of open violence against Jews despite a Latin American media that usually shows contempt toward Israel's policies? Even I, who tend to be critical toward Israel's treatment of Palestinians harbor no ill feelings toward individual Jews. Is it ironic that in New York City has one of the largest Jewish populations in the USA, is also home of hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans and others Hispanics and incidents are so rare. Relax Jews, Nazis are extremely few among us Hispanics.

Anonymous said...

Nazis are few in Latin America. But they have existed. Mostly in the whiter parts (Cono Sur) with German immigrants. However most of those tendencies died as the US forced the whole hemisphere to take the Allied side. There were even small German and Italian exoduses from some countries at the behest of local governments that sold supplies (i.e rubber, fruit) to the US.

At any rate, Nazism died with Hitler - anti-Semitism does survive a bit, Argentina did have an attack some years ago. All this said... there's barely any anti-Semitism in Latin America because there were barely any Jews in the region historically, as the Spanish forbade them settling for centuries. It was a common Hispanic Catholic tradition to burn a "judas" effigy on Easter weekend or Christmas (now it's become a secular New Year's kinda thing). True, many Hispanics since the 60s-70s don't care and are cafeteria Catholics at most; however, only few may marry Jews, as there's still apprehension about the religion itself, and may not convert seriously if at all. Some Hispanic women would orefer the stereotypical tame Jew, however only some Hispanic women are like that. And at any rate, there's so few Latin Jews in some countries, that it is a non-issue (their role is taken sometimes by the Arab minority. Usually very Christian Syrian-Lebanese-Palestinian refugees, also having a fame for being cheap and entrepreneurial and sneaky amongst themselves). Most modern Jews outside the West are secular today anyway, meaning it would be hard to grow the population even if it were readily accepted in Latin America - the less orthodox, the less children.

Furthermore, Hispanics have been groomed by the pro-Third-Worlder nationalist-leftist Guevaraesque zeitgeist to more or less believe Palestine and distrust Israel (though they do tend to think highly of Israeli military and Mossad and all. And at any rate, Hispanics live mostly in their world. At most some would crusade for the Holy Places). And while most are no fans of either, it kind of shows that the current Latin "tolerance from a small distance" of Jews would decrease if Jews started to take power and subvert Hispanic culture. So far it's not been bad, Latin Jew entrepreneurs have done a lot. But again, they are so few that anti-Semitism is almost a nonissue, at least in the real world (there's enough Jew-hating vids in Spanish in YT. Though they seem more Castilian usually). And at any rate, racial tension in Latin America remains in that other ancient colonial way, between the coloreds and the pales...