Monday, March 27, 2006

Golden race takes to the streets

Welcome to the United States of Mexico:

The cheering, boisterous students ditched classes on a day honoring the late leader of the United Farm Workers Union. Similar school walkouts were held around the state Friday and were followed by a rally at Los Angeles City Hall that drew an estimated 500,000 people - one of the largest demonstrations ever held in the city.

Protesters object to a U.S. House bill that would make it a felony to be in the U.S. illegally, impose new penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants and erect fences along one-third of the U.S.-Mexican border.
Michelle Malkin, as usual, has a great set of photos from the rallies. Illegals waved Mexican flags, burned American flags, held up banners claiming that the indigenous, beautiful brown people owned the land, and shook signs reading "Chicano Power!" The great multicultural experiment at work. California is a harbinger of things to come, and Los Angeles is the epicenter. ERs are being shut down because they are overwhelmed by uninsured illegals. Gangs divided along racial lines roam the streets and riot in the prisons. Wealth disparities continue to grow, a disastrous trend for the health of a democracy. Test scores are among the worst in the country. Whites flee in droves to demographically traditional states like Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

Half a million people in a single city openly flouting the law of the land, screaming about how we've not given them enough. They want to feed off our prosperity but otherwise want nothing of our culture. Sound familiar? Maybe a clash of civilizations? Fortunately these protests have thus far remained peaceful, and so are not as bad as the Muslim riots in Europe. Still, these migrant's countries of origin are corrupt and economically retarded. I want nothing of them.

The laissez faire attitude toward immigration pushes towards an eventual equilibrium. Who wants that in the US? An average IQ of 90? A life expectancy of 64 years? A literacy rate of 82%? A per capita purchasing power of under $10,000? We do considerably better in all of these categories. Our immigrants should push our stats even higher, not lower them to that point of theoretical equilibrium where illegal immigration will cease because it is no longer attractive for aliens to migrate (that is, the US becomes a third-world nation less desirable than Mexico).

We need a wall. We need to crack down on employers of illegals and begin deportations, at least of those with a record (misdemeanor or felony). This can be done. Half a century ago, we shipped/scared out as many as a million people in a year. If we did it then, we can certainly do it now.

Unskilled immigration has a host of costs. They consume more in services than they pay into those services. They depress wages for natives. They create pollution. They are incarcerated at higher rates than natives. They bring in atavistic diseases we thought dead in the country. There are other costs that are more difficult to quantify but equally important like linguistic barriers. Universities are offering more Spanish majors. So our brightest are learning to speak Spanish instead of becoming engineers or scientists. This is doing nothing for the US' global competitiveness.

We need a merit immigration system that skims the cream of the crop from across the globe and brings net benefits rather than net liabilities into the country. The US has one of the higher net migration rates in the world (by absolute number it is the very highest). Lots of people want to come here (Steve Sailer estimates as many as 1.5 billion). We do not need to be taking in swarms of underclass Latinos. Why not pick the brightest and most industrious in the world. Immigrants should benefit the host country, not the other way around.


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