Wednesday, November 09, 2005

One-two-three punch for France

The rioting in France has three miasmic elements: A low IQ population visibly distinct from the market-controlling group, a quasi-socialist state that stifles entrepreneurial activity and job creation, and Islam. Independently, each of these elements are troublesome enough. Combined, they give rise to mayhem.

Perhaps a fourth ingredient to top of it all off is the risible response by the government. By the end of the first night, the order on rioters should have been shoot to kill. Unfortunately, Sarkosky initially backed off his hardline. He appears to have regained his composure out of desparation as the riots approach a fortnight in duration:

The interior minister called for the deportation of foreigners convicted in the wave of unrest that has spread throughout France.

How many of the thugs are foreigners? The government may be in denial, much like Britain was following the London bombings and the Dutch were after the Van Gogh murder. Soon the Second City will wakeup to realize that it has a self-created homegrown problem.

No Western country has been as favorably inclined to the Muslim world as France, opposing the US at every turn, yet her cities are burning. Appeasement isn't going to stop the Muslim hordes. The developed world gains nothing by bringing in swarms of the third-world underclass, especially those from the Middle East. It takes a wall and a stick.

The folks in the US get it, where a majority of the citizenry wants an end to illegal immigration for economic, cultural, and security reasons. What about Europe? The right in France may gain some traction from the melee:

Anti-immigrant sentiment is particularly high in France, which is struggling against unemployment of 9.8 per cent.
"Marked on the Left by Dominique de Villepin, Sarkozy must capitalise on the Right and even on the Right of the Right," Liberation newspaper commented.
No one should gloat over the situation, but hopefully the tocsin has finally been heard. The clock is ticking on Europe's ability to save its civilization as low native birth rates and Islamic immigration show a very different Europe by mid-century.

US politicians should get a clue as well. Unskilled Hispanics do not pose a threat near the magnitude of Middle Easterners in Europe--They share many values with natives (religion, family-orientation, etc) and do not have idle hands. But the cultural and economic fault lines still exist. We need the wall and the implementation of a merit-based immigration system.

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