Monday, November 07, 2005

More multicultural success

Paris burns for the twelfth straight day. The rioters are African Muslims who have, surprise surprise, fallen to the bottom of French society. Neither Islam nor Africa exactly correlate with success. No one should gloat over this predictable tragedy, but hopefully it will help awaken the West to the fact importing swarms of the low IQ, third-world underclass is an act of self-immolation. Predictably, the elites blame France for not assimilating and discriminating in favor of the hoodlums:
"It's the French mentality. They still haven't understood that even children with foreign origins have their place in society," says Boubaker. "They still think we're cleaners, and that's not good."

Nicolas Sarkozy has talked of the need to provide young people with job opportunities. The interior minister is also an advocate of positive discrimination for ethnic minorities, and of voting rights for foreigners.

I guess when a population causes trouble, you respond by giving more stuff to that population and bringing in more of its kin. After two weeks, the military still has not been called in to put down the insurrection. Unbelievable.

The French love to condescendingly mock the US for its racial 'inequities' while refusing to keep demographic statistics of their own. But France is now 10% Muslim--if Turkey finds its way into the EU that proportion will accrete rapidly--and the country's racial problem is not going away anytime soon. Sure, a less socialistic economic framework would move Islamic African slums from unemployment levels as high as 60% in some places to something that would give them a little more stake in the country. But until genetic or germ engineering allows for an artificial boost in intelligence (Arab countries average in the mid-80s, and most of Africa orbits around 70--France enjoys a 98), the vast disparity--and the resentment that accompanies it--will remain.

This comes on the heels of other recent high-profile, glowing multicultural triumphs: Black gangs and rioters in New Orleans, Bush's warm welcome in Argentina, South Africa's embracing of Zimbabwe's forced confiscation of white-owned farms, Pakistani Muslims attacking Indian relief workers in Kashmir, quasi-civil warring in Iraq, escalating terrorist activity directed at Israel as a reward for surrendering the Strip, ad infinitum. Samuel Huntington is such a fool--damn that prescient devil.

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