Thursday, September 01, 2005

Solutions for Katrina

A few of our pals from the venerable religion of peace are praising Katrina, calling it deserved punishment for our sins and the US support of the "parasitic" state of Israel (someone may want to tell the inbred sand simian that the Gaza Strip and West Bank rely on foreign aid for an astounding 90% of their sustenance while oil-dry Israel is one of the few--and the only nation to do so without heavy reliance on petroleum--economic powerhouses in the region). I'm consternated as to why anyone would build a city next to the ocean and pincered by an enormous lake in one of the most turbulent places on earth below sea level, but the sore is too trenchant to dwell on that at the moment.

The costs of the category four hurricane are estimated to run between $9 billion and $16 billion. It's silly to think that the most generous country on the planet is going to receive a pittance, if anything at all, from the putatively more compassionate international community (however, it should be noted that the antagonistic Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez admirably offered a helping hand to Americans ravaged by the storm).

But what could cover the cost of Katrina in full (with more than a pinch leftover)? US foreign aid for one year. The US magnanimously shells out $19 billion a year to countries all over the globe (twice that of the runner-up, the amazing country of Japan). By drying up the funds for a year we could give a reality check to the prodigous anti-American sentiment (don't bite the hand that feeds you!) and ameliorate Katrina's damage in one fell swoop. Instead, I fear we will hear for weeks of looting, insufficient funds, suffering, the need for more FEMA funding, the dangers of global warming, etc.

The Paul Revere Society has a list of a few more cogent ideas that don't involve lucrative no-bid contracts or huge amounts of government expenditures.

**Addition** The initial estimates may have drastically low. Now the costs may breach the $100 billion mark--thus, no aid for ten years!

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