Friday, September 30, 2005

Religion and crime

There’s quite a stir in the blogosphere over a paper released by Gregory S. Paul that purports to show that religion causes pathological problems in industrialized nations, and it is only a matter of time before it hits the mainstream waves. Skimming through the study, vitriolic anti-Americanism stands out. In a nutshell, the paper shows the US, which has next to Portugal the highest rates of belief in a Creator and lowest levels of acceptance of evolution of the industrialized nations also has the highest rate of homicide and abortion and the lowest life expectancy.

Here are the countries the study looked at: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Germany, Holland/Netherlands, Ireland, Japan, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Italy, US, Sweden, and New Zealand. Think the baby Jesus is to blame for all this? The high-priests of secularized Cultural Marxism would have you think so. Even though I am not a religious person and am a strong believer in evolution, this sort of tendentious BS has to be challenged. Unfortunately, race is that challenger, although the groups that struggle are completely inculpable for the sake of what I am arguing here.

East Asians have the lowest crime rates of any group of people on the planet, and not surprisingly, Japan basically scores the best on every measure. In the 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan (an urban area)—a disaster which killed 5,000 people and left 310,000 homeless—there were literally no assaults or murders reported. We can leave Japan, an anomaly compared to the other countries, at this.

The black murder rate in the US is seven times higher than that of whites. That is the global trend as well, as are low crime rates for East Asians. Racial realism is necessary to address the bloated homicide rates in the paper.Now, the black percentage in each of the countries:

Australia—less than 1%
Great Britain—2.2%
France—estimated at 3% (no official Census)
Germany—less than 1%
Holland/Netherlands--not mentioned
Ireland (all the links are on wikipedia, it’s getting too tedious!)—not mentioned Switzerland—grouped into 26 cantons, the Swiss do not keep demographic stats
Norway--everyone is white as snow in the Nordic countries (not mentioned)Portugal—less than 1%
Austria—not mentioned
Spain—not mentioned
Italy—not mentioned
Sweden--everyone is white as snow in the Nordic countries (not mentioned, although might be able to find something at the government’s stat website)
New Zealand—Africans, Latin Americans, and Middle Easterners combined comprise .8%

The homicide rate per 100,000 people falls between half a person and two people for all the countries except for Portugal (4) and the US (6). If 10% of the US population that is black committed murder at the rate of US whites, the homicide rate drops to under four per 100,000. The violent crime rate for Hispanics is 3.7 times that of whites—reducing the violent crime rate of Hispanics to the white level in the US would further reduce the homicide rate per 100,000 to under three. The other factor is American gun ownership. Murder by firearm in the US is 100 times higher than the next country on the list (Portugal), and there are over 200 million guns in the US—no other country listed even comes close. The gun debate is not one I am familiar enough with to have an educated opinion on, although it seems the New Orleans melee may have settled the Second Amendment issue in the US once and for all (it will stand). What the paper does not mention is how crime in the US has been on a downward trend while in most of Europe it has been on the upswing. According to UN statistics, the US is at the bottom-middle of the pack on violent crime, car theft, and overall victimization rates (flip through to see the graphs). Homicide is the only category in which the US leads the pack. Steve Sailer has chronicled laddism in England, and the subsequent increase in criminality among worker class Brits that has coincided with that country's recent crime problems.

The paper inflates rates of abortion, infant mortality rates, and adolescent pregnancies in the same way (blacks are 3 times as likely to abort as whites and Hispanics are 2.5 times as likely). Applying the same rate for blacks and Hispanics as whites in the US yields 20 abortions per US woman aged 15-19 (the stats the paper used) down from 28 with the various ethnic groups. This would put the US right smack in the middle of the pack.The infant mortality rate for blacks is three times that of whites (with Hispanics included in the white calculation!). Putting Hispanics right in between the rates of whites and blacks (as tends to be the case for the stats) drops the infant mortality rate per 1,000 births in the US from eight to under six—again, right smack in the middle of the pack.

The black birth rate for 15-17 year olds (the stats the paper used) is over three times that of whites while the Hispanic rate is over twice that of whites. Using the white birth rate for this age cohort yields 28 births per 1,000—higher than most of the countries but lower than New Zealand and neck-and-neck with Great Britain and Canada.

The average life expectancy for whites in the US is 77.6 years, while the country's average for all Americans is a bit lower at 77 years even. While that sounds trivial, it moves the US from fourteenth of eighteen in longevity to tenth out of eighteen--yet again in the middle of the pack.

Of course, the paper makes no mention of racial disparities between the countries, out of either irrational belief in that making no difference (even though the statistics clearly show otherwise) or surreptitiously shoving it under the rug knowing that fundamentalist-loathing media will unscrupulously run with it anyway.

While there likely does exist a negative correlation between a population’s intelligence and religiosity, religion is overwhelmingly a positive force for most people. This seemingly contradictory statement makes sense if one assumes inherent differences in people. Think of intelligence, for simplicity’s sake, as an age continuum of children with the older ones representing the more cognitively gifted among humans. There is a sixteen, ten, and six year-old present. The sixteen year-old feels insulted if you try to tell her she had better be good because if she’s not, Santa won’t bring her any presents. She wants a pragmatic and humanistic explanation as to why she should be nice to other people. The ten year-old believes in Santa, but wants to know why the jolly guy wants people to be nice to one another—a sort of in between stage. The six year-old, enticed by presents, will likely behave if he thinks there are presents on the line. But tell him he should be good because self-restraint is fulfilling in itself and it makes the world a better place... you’re a fool if you expect an angel. It is important to distinguish between religiosity and belief in God (either the omniscient, benevolent and omnipotent or merely the philosopher’s)—I am referring to the rote, ritualistic aspects of religion and a rule-based lifestyle based on its teachings.

Affluent lefties, like those sympathetic to religion-bashing, quixotically believe that all people are the same and that religion restricts ones right to think for oneself, gives power to a deity rather than the state, etc. That black imprisonment rates are the lowest in the South (surprising but true) where Pentecostal Congregationalism is part of the cultural ethos and highest in liberal areas like Minnesota and Washington DC does not phase them in their assault on religion.

Superciliously, Paul mentions US economic dominance but only to say that this should lead to lower negatives for the US relative to the other countries. Perhaps he missed a little phenomenon known as the Protestant work ethic. Simply unbelievable that such charlatanism passes as academic expertise. Forget any inklings you may have of me blaming blacks or Hispanics for the situation they are in--for the purpose of right now, assume that it is all because of white oppression, hegemony, and the legacy of slavery. The point is, the demarcation between groups is loud and clear, yet Jesus himself is being crucified for the problems!

Save for Spain, Europe has been moving to the right. Tony Blair was beat up by the Conservative Party in Britain when he was narrowly reelected last Spring, Angela Merkel received more votes than Schroeder in Germany, the uber-liberal Netherlands has cracked down on Islamic immigration and freedoms, and in Poland two right-of-center parties united to take a majority away from the former left-wing government. Europeanesque elitists notoriously hate the US, and this paper epitomizes that. It is intellectually bankrupt in leaving out of analysis areas that the US excels in—economic prosperity, charitable giving, non-homicidal crime, etc—and fails to mention several much more plausible explanations for the divergence in some select areas like gun ownership and minority composition for homicide rates. Be weary of what you read. Be very weary.

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Anonymous said...

Think about hospitals. In hospitals, people are clearly sicker than average. So, is it reasonable to believe that people would be more healthy if there were no hospitals? Maybe those Marxists would believe so, but the truth is that hospitals really improve health. This is even though a stay in hospital correlates with sickness.

Thus, you see, correlation doesn't mean causation. Religion can still make oneself more altruistic and law-abiding, even tough an average believer could be more criminal than an average non-believer.

And by the way, I'm also 100% atheists.

llamma said...

Did you read the journal article?

From the conclusion:
"The U.S. is therefore the least efficient western nation in terms of converting wealth into cultural and physical health. Understanding the reasons for this failure is urgent, and doing so requires considering the degree to which cause versus effect is responsible for the observed correlations between social conditions and religiosity versus secularism. It is therefore hoped that this initial look at a subject of pressing importance will inspire more extensive research on the subject."

All the article did was point out the heavy religious nature of the US and it's incredible societal dysfunction considering it's wealth and ask if religion contributes to it. The author plainly states that in depth analysis and research is required to answer these questions and that this paper is merely a call to get this research going. But hey, strawmen are the bread and butter of blogs, aren't they.

Audacious Epigone said...


Where is the need for more research? The primary reason the US is more dysfunctional than most of Europe is because the US is 25% black and/or Hispanic, and among those who are most likely to engage in criminal activity (18-34 yo), they are about one-third of the population. White Americans are hardly distinguishable from Europeans.

Anonymous said...

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mrFact said...
according to this, blacks and hispanics have higher religiosity than whites. so there.

Anonymous said...

Scandinavia is not white as snow any longer.