Monday, September 05, 2005

Race and Katrina

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and even Michael Moore have all taken pot shots about the inherent white racism evident in the wake of hurricane Katrina: the various levels of government not responding fast enough, accusations of media reports portraying blacks as looters, and even uber-extreme suggestions by multimillion dollar thugs (ie rappers) that the National Guard was ordered to fire indiscriminately on blacks. No one in the mainstream media points to what is obvious to those who will trust their own lying eyes. Thankfully, there are astute commentators out there who are not quixotic lefties to point me to true irrational racism taking place in New Orleans:

(From Australia's Herald Sun) "People were just staring at them and making suggestions that they were going to kill them." John's sister Susie said he saw shocking acts of violence amid fierce racial tension in the Superdome. "It's turned into a black against white thing," she said. "My brother has witnessed murders, stabbings, rapes . . . it's like a Third World country."

(From the BBC) The graduate economics student was travelling in the US when he was caught up in the devastation of the hurricane. He had also been coaching football to disabled children as part of the Camp America scheme. Mr Trout's brother Jonathan said: "We got a text message from someone whose phone was working which said he was alive but in terrible conditions.

"Then last night our mother got a call saying the situation had deteriorated. "He witnessed a good deal of violence, with scuffles going on and people breaking things."

The group really feared for their safety because they were being targeted because they were the only white people there.

(Reuters, a British news service similar to the Associated Press) Valenti and her husband, two of very few white people in the almost exclusively black refugee camp, said she and other whites were threatened with murder on Thursday.

"They hated us. Four young black men told us the buses were going to come last night and pick up the elderly so they were going to kill us," she said, sobbing. "They were plotting to murder us and then they sent the buses away because we would all be killed if the buses came -- that's what the people in charge told us this morning."

Other survivors recounted horrific cases of sexual assault and murder.

Parapundit's Randall Parker goes on to meticulously report other instances of crime directed against whites in the city. Meanwhile Steve Sailer points out that a little to the east in the town of Chalmette, which was hit much harder than New Orleans (as the previous map link illuminates), there was no looting or rape or otherwise--just cooperation and heroism:

CHALMETTE, La. — Chalmette has been cut off from the world for six days...
The losses were just coming into focus Saturday. A storm surge estimated at 25
feet had receded, leaving yellowish watermarks along the retail strip, but parts
of the city were under an expanse of water, with a sheen of oil and a sickly
sweet smell. On the front of houses, search-and rescue teams had spray-painted
the numbers of dead found inside. One house had a blue six.

The water rose 10 feet in 10 minutes on the morning of the storm, residents
said, so fast you could watch a wall of water advancing down residential
streets. Sheriff Jack Stephens would not estimate a death toll, but spoke of
several large groups of people who had died together.

Thirty-one elderly residents of a nursing home died "in their sleep" when
their facility was flooded, he said. And in a subdivision, rescue personnel had
found the bodies of 21 people who had tied themselves together, he said,
probably in an attempt to evacuate. The scenes were so disturbing that 30 of his
deputies could no longer work because of fatigue and emotional overload,
Stephens said.

The federal response, he said, has been "woefully inadequate." ...Over the
next two days, she and Lobre played endless games of Yahtzee as they waited for
the water to go down. It didn't. What happened instead was this: Boats began to
pass under their window, driven by local people offering to throw necessities up
to them. Batteries sailed up and so did cigarettes."It was like a Mardi Gras
parade, but instead of beads, it was food, and lighters, and dry towels," Lobre
said.On the third day, the two hitched a ride on a boat to Chalmette High
School, which had been made into a shelter. A woman bore a child there -- named
Katrina -- and dead bodies were stored behind a stage, where the children
couldn't see them.

Michael Couture, 31, is an avid fan of the reality show "Survivor," and
always thought he would be good at it. What happened over six days, he said, was
a real-life version: For the first few days, most of the stranded people focused
on themselves. But then a community of interests developed. People raided local
stores and distributed what they found.

Bruce Velez, a construction worker, made his way to houses all over the
city; among the people he rescued was an elderly woman who had climbed on top of
her refrigerator to escape the rising water.Larry Strahub spent much of the week
with 17 strangers in an apartment building. Personalities clashed at times, he
said. But before he left -- he paddled 15 miles to find help on Saturday -- they
planned a reunion.

The kicker? Steve wraps up his post as follows:

Well, here's Chalmette's population:

White Non-Hispanic: 89.2%

Hispanic: 4.8%

Black: 2.4%

And the demographic breakdown of New Orleans? From the US Census: 26.6% non-Hispanic white, 1.5% Hispanic, and 67.3% black. In spite of the ceaseless complaints of a lack of external relief given to the city of New Orleans, Chalmette was hit harder and has received a paucity of attention. Of course, things are relatively well there, as the local human capital far exceeds anything that the state or federal government can do to keep New Orleans' residents from descending into utter chaos.

Clearly, there are wide variances in the capacities of racial groups on average. New Orleans is also a poor city, with 28% of the population below the poverty line most of whom are black. As intelligence is linked to foresight, those able to evacuate the city prior to Katrina making landfall mostly did so. Drug addicts, gangsters, and dummies (likely a combination of all three in one person in many cases) stayed behind. Magnanimous rescuers who ventured forth into the morass to help people were shot at and threatened with rape and violence.

It is sad to say, but the atrocious situation in New Orleans is not that surprising. Cities with huge black populations tend to descend quickly to third-status (Camden, DC, Detroit, and East St. Louis are other examples) scarcely distinguishable from the deeply impoverished continent of Africa. I am not placing moral blame on the black community--prior to 1964 the fault was largely on the shoulders of whites. But the pathological hip-hop culture, an antipathy towards education, and a broken family structure within black culture today certainly do not aid the already disadvantaged group.

The idea that whites are maliciously targeting blacks in the US is absurd. Black-on-white violent crimes is up to 250 times more common than white-on-black violent crime. Blacks consistently earn less and struggle more in school than their white counterparts. To keep blaming whites for every problem in the world while vehemently denying any genetic contributions to differences in human populations is something the dogmatic blank-slaters have pounded relentlessly for years at the expense of any real solutions. How can you fix a problem when you won't even admit it exists?

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