Monday, September 12, 2005

Gaza pullout was a mistake

The simians couldn't even wait until the Israeli Army finished razing the settlements of Jews who had been there since Israel's victory in the Six Day War:

Jubilant Palestinians planted flags on the rubble of Jewish settlements and set fire to synagogues on Monday as Israeli troops pulled out of the Gaza Strip after 38 years of occupation.

"This is a day of happiness and joy that the Palestinian people have not witnessed for a century," President Mahmoud Abbas told reporters in Gaza City.

On the virulently antisemitic and antiwestern Al Jazeera network, a report claiming the pullout is a "first step", a Hamas enthusiast ebulliently describes how crucial the terrorist group was in kicking out the Jews:

"Many people are trying to evade the truth and downplay the efforts of the resistance in achieving this victory," said Hania, in reference to the Palestinian Authority.

"This is our historic moment in our fight with the enemy, and the first step in the road to building a state with Jerusalem as its capital.

"This is the beginning of the end of the settlement enterprise for Israel."

They would not even accept Oslo, which gave the PLA all it wanted short of physically pushing the Jews into the sea. Of course, compromise is not in the nature of middle eastern culture. Hopefully Netanyahu will oust Sharon in November 2006. It's bad enough that 90% of what the Palestinians live off of is foreign aid--we don't need Israelis pulling out of the Strip and the "West Bank" so that these areas can deteriorate further, especially to appease cold-blooded murders.

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