Friday, August 26, 2005

Pat Roberston, Hugo Chavez: Prescience or insanity?

America's favorite televangelist and septuagenarian, Pat Robertson, has given a half-hearted apology for his insistence that the US do what Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez claims it is trying to do--knock him off. Probably not something Jesus would have said, but maybe Robertson could stretch it to a metaphorical throwing out of the money changers. But capitalism isn't something Chavez, a socialist/communist, has an affinity for.

The mainstream media of course loves the idea of a Cromwellian-style leader of the nebulous "religious right." Fine, it obviously was not appropriate for Robertson to insinuate assassination, in direct opposition to President Ford's executive order prohibiting such action by anyone in the US government, especially given the forum. That being said, Chavez is a troubling guy who may have grown from a nuisance to a real threat in the next decade or so. He is virulently anti-American, supports Castro and the FARC in Colombia, and has seen a decrease in Venezuelan oil production. Robertson alluded to plans of a Lutheran hanged in Germany in 1944 for a plot to assassinate Hitler. We're not there yet, but Chavez is not going away anytime soon.

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