Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Murder in Kansas City--if they weren't black it would be a hate crime

Last Friday, August 12, four thugs lured a delivery man into an abandoned house and killed him. (Free subscription required)

The teens allegedly stabbed Zhihai Cui several times Friday night, then
took his cash to buy marijuana and alcohol before heading to the National Guard
Armory to party, according to prosecutors. Authorities said some of the bloodied
cash was found on one of the teens the next day.

Heinous. Not that it ameliorates anything, but at least the criminals will be put away. Or will they? Seems three of the four had prior criminal records.
Three of the four boys have criminal records.

Ennis was previously charged with a misdemeanor assault, but that case was dismissed after the victim failed to show for trial. He also was charged with battery but entered into a diversion plan. A charge of auto burglary was dropped
as part of the diversion plan, Myers told Boal.

The system is broken. Diversion is a joke, and this is yet another example of its complete impotence. They've had multiple chances--Zhihai Cui, the Chinese delivery man, pays the ultimate price for society's idiotic wager to let repeat offenders back onto the street. As he tried to flee, they gang tackled him and stabbed him to death.

The tragedy aside, there is another interesting piece to this story. The four perpetrators were black and Cui was Asian, presumably Chinese. Where is the media outcry? NPR stuffs lynchings that took place fifty years ago down our throats on an almost daily basis. Ditto NBC, the New York Times, and a host of others. Yes, racism against blacks is an ugly part of American history: Jim Crow, segregation, and the assassination of MLK. But it's 2005, not 1965. The tables have turned. Blacks are an astounding 250 times more likely to murder whites than viceversa. Violent crime rates for blacks are 9.1 times higher than for whites, and 20 times higher than that of Asians (incidentally the best behaved of the four major ethnic categories in the US). They have the highest poverty rate in the country (24.4% or three times that of whites), creating an enormous burden on the net taxpayer.

The reasons for the depressing pathologies found so disproportionately in the black community is another argument. Low average IQs, astronomical out-of-wedlock birth rates (70%), and gansta rap certainly do not help. What is so irksome is that the mainstream media will not touch this case but would do so if the murderers were white, and the local media will do everything it can to put such an incident in race-neutral terms (the Star article does not make a single reference). Instead, nebulous society is blamed for all black crimes directed at whites. Is it any wonder that white flight is such a seismic problem in much of the country's urban core?

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