Thursday, July 14, 2005

Letter to Kansas Senator Sam Brownback (R)

Here is a letter I sent to Senator Brownback regarding his support for the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill. You can contact the Senator here to make your opinion heard as well (or simply cut and paste and then email this to Brownback using your name).

Dear Senator Brownback,

I urge you to drop your support of S. 1033. Please do not become a contemporary Charon, taking means from a burdensome man before dumping his hardship upon us. Your vote against the AGJobs amnesty earlier this year was admirable and encouraging, but this recent co-sponsoring comes as a disappointing shock.

As you know, over half of current immigration to the US comes from Latin America. Birth rates in these countries range from twice (Mexico) to three times (Paraguay) that of the US, yet Hispanic households bring in nearly $14,000 a year less than the average American household. Thus, they are paying less in taxes and costing more (at roughly $10,000 per student--more if ESL instruction is necessary, medical services, police, road wear, etc) than the average US resident. With an $8 trillion national debt and ten times as much in unfunded liabilities, this is not going to ameliorate our financial crisis, but will only serve to accentuate it.

Hispanics are underrepresented in secondary education and overrepresented in the prison system. According to Harvard economist George Borjas, the average immigrant from Mexico has the equivalent of an 8th education. There are five million able-bodied welfare recepients, two million incarcerated folk, and 7.5 million unemployed Americans looking for work who can be utilized to satisfy the need for unskilled labor. Creating a large underclass for the benefit of mega-corporations with the average American picking up the tab is deleterious to the American way and quality of life.

Please reconsider your support for S. 1033 and look instead towards some sort of merit-based immigration program that benefits the average US citizen and still allows for all the constructive aspects of fresh blood in America. If you do so, you will have a vociferous supporter for your 2008 Presidential run.

Thank you for your consideration,


faq said...

Audacious indeed! You didn't even mention the whole national security risk that is involved with mass immigration. Though the economics alone are enough to make us want to build a wall.

crush41 said...


Presumably the security threat is so obvious that it is almost insulting to have to mention it. Taken separately, either economic or security considerations are enough to warrant tighter immigration control. Combined, it's a trump.

I certainly support a wall. I've seen it discussed considerably over at parapundit. The one-time cost would be equal to a couple of months in Iraq, but it would benefit us enormously.