Monday, March 30, 2015

Marriage tracks male accomplishment, is female accomplishment

Some GSS data germane to Heartiste's recent post founded on the basic, veritable premises that female attractiveness is primarily defined by physical appearance while male attractiveness is far more contingent upon other characteristics, especially status, follow.

Since male attractiveness is determined more by status than female attractiveness is, we'd expect to see a stronger positive correlation between things like educational attainment and marital status among men than among women.

And that is indeed what we see. The proceeding table shows the percentages of respondents aged 40-65 by educational attainment who were either married or widowed when they participated in the survey (n = 2,735):

% married among%Men%Women
Less than HS56.059.3
HS grad66.670.4
Some college65.967.4
Bachelor degree75.170.3
Graduate degree78.072.3

Once we get above the underclass of high school dropouts, a woman's education has little discernible influence on whether or not she is successfully married. Among men, on the other hand, there is an upward trajectory of marital prospects as educational attainment increases.

This complements the previous finding that contemporary male reproductive trends in the US are marginally eugenic and female reproductive trends moderately dysgenic.

GSS variables used: YEAR(2004-2014), SEX, EDUC(0-11)(12)(13-15)(16-17)(18-20), AGE(40-65), MARITAL(1-2)(3-5)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

No orifice left unentered

Even if it's magnanimously granted that the push for and acceptance of same-sex marriage was primarily driven by a desire for perceived equality, it looks like the redefining of the institution is going to be a consequence. Over the last four consecutive survey years, the GSS has asked married respondents, categorized by sexual orientation, whether they have ever had sex with someone other than a spouse while married. The results (n = 5,380):

The sample sizes for homosexuals and bisexuals are small (26 and 67, respectively), but it's striking how well these results corroborate those revealed in a NYT article that slipped under the radar in early 2010. The piece mentioned a study in San Francisco of 556 gay male couples that found:
About 50 percent of those surveyed have sex outside their relationships, with the knowledge and approval of their partners.

That consent is key. “With straight people, it’s called affairs or cheating,” said Colleen Hoff, the study’s principal investigator, “but with gay people it does not have such negative connotations.”
The great augur and adonis prognosticates thusly:
Gay marriage is one cultural schism put to use by the Lords of Lies toward the redefinition and de-stigmatization of marriage from an organic mate pair system which safeguards the primacy of paternity assurance to a free-for-all “liberation” that corrodes trust between heterosexual couples and renders hetero beta males wholly prostrate to an antagonistic marriage market stripped of any protections for their particular interests.

Mark my words, a massive elite push to legitimize and maybe even codify polyamory is next on the agenda.
Those who continue to claim that same-sex marriage will have no affect on heterosexual marriage are either disingenuous or naive. Speaking of naivety, one might think that awareness of as much would've been germane to the discussion about whether or not legalizing same-sex marriage was a good idea. You see though, poor naif, in America we like to push things through first and then find out what it was we pushed through by the consequences that follow as a result!

Homosexuals have become sacred objects over the last couple of decades in the West. The pace of deification has been such that Vespasian would've been impressed. Consequently, criticism of homosexual mores is not tolerated in polite company or professional circles. As more gays marry up without shackling up, the concept of open marriage will lose the "negative connotations" that currently surround it. It will also inevitably lose its place as the societal bedrock of nuclear family formation in the process. Besides raising 'problematic' issues of paternal uncertainty, marriage devoid of expectations of exclusivity becomes little more than a legal maneuver for the purposes of expediting property transfers and reducing income tax bills.

GSS variables used: SEXORNT, EVSTRAY(1-2)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Romney voters smarter than Obama voters

Albeit modestly so.

The 2014 GSS data are out. Converting wordsum results to IQ scores with an average wordsum of 6.11 and a standard deviation of 1.83 wordsum points, the mean IQ of 2012 presidential election voters by who they voted for (n = 988):

Voted forIQ
3rd party105.3

SWPLs can take some pride in how things look if only white voters are considered:

Voted forIQ
3rd party106.0

Implicit pride, of course. Pointing out that NAMs depress the average IQ scores of Democrats is only something the wrong kind of white people would ever do. SWPLs are too intelligent to do anything as crass and uncouth as that!

GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1), PRES12(1-3), WORDSUM, BORN(1)

Compelling suffrage

Obama is correct when he asserts that mandatory voting would be "transformative". The intellectually impotent mainstream right has no answer for why, in a country where democracy is venerated as the unquestioned (and unquestionable) apogee of political systems, anything other than universal suffrage should be the aspiration. March of progress, being on the right--er, correct!--side of history, etc.

As someone who is emphatically inegalitarian, it seems to me that electoral influence should in some way be associated with financial contribution to the apparatus of the state. Say, one vote for every digit of federal income taxes paid, starting with the third in the calendar year prior to the vote in question and net tax eaters being ineligible to vote at all. That is, someone who pays $200 in taxes gets one vote; $2000 gets two votes; $20,000 three votes, and so forth, with a maximum of say five or so votes.

I see no a priori reason why someone who contributes nothing to the treasury should have a part in determining how said treasury resources are spent, and certainly not a part on par with those who do contribute. If any company, organization, or even family (want your kids to do the family budgeting?) operated in that way, we'd be right to predict fiscal catastrophe to likely follow as a consequence. And so here we are.

Obama's party has obvious political interests in getting electoral activity from marginalized populations that currently can't (high schoolers, inmates, immigrants) or won't ('low information' citizens) vote, but bringing those segments of the population to the ballot box will just accentuate the problems the government faces. There is no conceivable way that we ever enjoy a stable currency or a balanced federal budget given the current system.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ferguson's forever teachable moments

The only thing that would make the ongoing fiasco in Ferguson more instructive as a series of ‘teachable moments’ is if the city happened to have the name Springfield(, USA). It's a sordid microcosm of the entire country.

Ferguson used to be a functional, middle class American suburb. As its demographics changed, fueled by the State's economic sabotage against it in the form of housing vouchers, its founding stock began moving out. With them went the values and behaviors necessary to maintain said functional, middle class suburban life. Blight crept in and dysfunction crept up.

Last August, a rather routine instance of Blacks Behaving Badly escalated. Darren Wilson, the quintessential archetype of dutiful, civic-minded traditionalist America responds exactly as he is supposed to respond. A perpetually aggrieved mob, its opportunistic hangers-on, and its self-appointed race-hustling leaders bray for his blood. In this particular telling, Pontius Pilate, played by Robert McCulloch, doesn't actually sate their blood lust because the tale of Michael Brown's putative victimhood is so thoroughly and entirely a calumny, from start to finish, that even Ingsoc couldn’t give it a veneer of truth.

Countless media personalities--from the harpies on CNN to the double-digit IQ gladiators of the St. Louis Rams--perpetuated the big lie. Every one of these ignorant haters is engaged in blood libel against an innocent man, and by extension, against Core America, as the former light of the world disappears into the historical gloam. Any incorrigible minorities who refuse to get on board with this nonsense are slandered alongside white Americans who do the same as race traitors, Uncle Toms who prosper from the exploitation of their coethnics.

In retribution, the collective resources of the Establishment are marshaled against Ferguson. No matter how it’s sliced, there is simply no standard under which Wilson can be found to have acted improperly, but that isn't enough to spare his city. 'Disparate impact'--an unavoidable consequence of the disparities in behaviors between members of different populations--is a millstone that has been thrown around Ferguson's collective neck. And a precedent is being set that will allow the federal government to throw millstones around the necks of any municipalities in the country the Establishment has a problem with in the future.

Ferguson is no different than any other city in the US in this regard. To the contrary, an extensive review of police records indicates that Ferguson's black-white arrest rate disparity puts it at 1,582nd out of 3,538 municipalities across the US, or the 45th percentile and thus almost perfectly representative of the national average. That, of course, is exactly the point. See, all of middle class white America is being indicted here for the sin of being unable to magically transform black and brown minorities into middle class white Americans.

This racially-motivated Inquisition isn’t without consequences--fatal consequences. The blood of Zemir Begic is on Eric Holder’s hands and as the assassination attempt of a couple of Ferguson cops demonstrated earlier this week, he’ll be culpable for a lot more blood that will spill in the future. The few functioning remnants of the city will now melt away in the face of the federal government’s relentless persecution. When the exodus is finished, the transformation of Ferguson into another East St. Louis will be complete.

Barack Obama likes to talk about how the thugs whose sinews met the unforgiving blade of justice could have been him in the past or his son in the present. If that doesn’t push the bile to the tip of your tongue, I don’t know what will. Does anyone, anywhere really believe that the privilege poor white kids from broken homes in rural West Virginia allegedly benefit from gives them a greater leg up in life than that set of oppressed colored kids with names like, oh, I don’t know, Sasha and Malia, could ever hope to enjoy?

The historical US is being picked apart from every side. The ranks of the takers keep growing, as does their resentment towards the dying beast they’re plundering. And, correspondingly, the ranks of the makers diminish. With apologies to Nietzche, the US is dead, and the ‘American people’ have killed it, both by acts of commission and, more crucially, by acts of omission. It’s time to chop the moribund old oak tree apart and hope that some saprolings in the soil below grow into something fruitful in the future. Here’s to planting the seed of secession in the minds of as many people as I am able to.